GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with VU Meter Review

Guitarists and other professional musicians would agree how helpful guitar amplifiers are. Not only do they make the sound clearer and more powerful, but they also help bring out the smooth and natural tones.

Amplifiers work significantly by increasing or amplifying the power of a signal and as a result produces a loud sound. Most amplifiers have added features such as having sound effects.

There are several kinds of guitar amps available in today’s musical generation. The tube amp which was first to own the patent, then there’s the solid-state amp that tried to make a revolution against tube amps. Other amplifiers include magnetic amps and power amps.

However, the talk about which amp to use has been, and continuously, intriguing to amateurs and pros. Purists, or guitarists who are hooked on the retro sound of electric guitars, prefer and justify the use of tube amps. While some new guitar pros choose solid-state amps because unlike the expensive and bulky tube amps, they are more portable and low-cost.

Tube amps, according to the opinion of many, though old, still remain the best compared to solid-state amps. They produce the sound of what electric guitars should. Most tube amps are expensive, but this does not concern most of the purists.

If you are in search for a tube amp, why not consider the GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube amp? It boasts several unique features and awesome qualities. Read on as we talk more about this amplifier.

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  1. I am thinking about getting a tube amp. I am looking for a 2 channel amp that cam be used with my emotive pre amp. I would like to stay around $700.00. I am using a pair of klipsch rf35 tower speakers with it. Any suggestions?

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