Best Tube Amp Under 1000 Dollars

If you’re building out a home studio or hi-fi system, one of the best ways to add some variety and depth to your setup is add a tube amp. However, a quick search for stereo tube amps can be overwhelming – complex names and numbers, so many crazy visual images of pointy boxes with vacuum … Read more

DIY Tube Headphone Amplifier: What You Need To Know Before Starting

Completing Do It Yourself projects can give you one of the most fun and satisfying feelings anyone could have.  Not to mention that DIY tasks could potentially save you more money in the process—if you know what you are doing. Accomplishing something yourself is also an excellent way to tailor a project specifically to your … Read more

Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier Review

There is something immensely satisfying in listening to your favorite music on a well-deserved weekend break after a stressful work week. The clear strains of music that only pure and crisp sound can bring will enable most people to This article will focus on The Kkika Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier and whether it is a viable … Read more

Why Tubes Sound Better: Tube Amp Vs Solid State Amp

What Are Tube Amps? Amplifiers are electronic devices that are designed to increase the power or voltage of a signal. Amplifiers were first developed with tubes, then soon with transistors. Tubes, also known as valves, use vacuum tubes to increase or amplify the power or voltage of a signal. Tubes are used in several technologies … Read more

How to Bias a Tube Amp

Tube amps are highly sought after for their beautiful sound quality, but because of usual wear and tear, your prized amp should be expected to deteriorate with time. However, if you learn how to properly bias a tube amp, you can help lessen and even prevent this wear and tear from occurring. In a few … Read more

Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Preamplifier Review

Are you enjoying the nostalgic beats and sounds from turntables? Yes, they may seem vintage, old-school, and outdated but turntables remain revolutionary in giving a sentimental sound that brings the spirit of the music that touches not only the ears but the heart and soul as well. Turntables have a “needle” or phono cartridge that … Read more

GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with VU Meter Review

Guitarists and other professional musicians would agree how helpful guitar amplifiers are. Not only do they make the sound clearer and more powerful, but they also help bring out the smooth and natural tones. Amplifiers work significantly by increasing or amplifying the power of a signal and as a result produces a loud sound. Most … Read more