Easiest DIY Guitar Pedal Step-By-Step

Building a diy guitar pedal is a fun and rewarding job because it is an effective way to improve your guitar’s sound. However, the process might be intimidating if you have never been familiar with electronics. This article will help show you the easiest method of building a diy guitar pedal and soon you’ll never … Read more

How To Relic A Guitar

Relicing a guitar is the art of modifying your guitar into a worn, cracked, scratched and shredded guitar. You can call it a rapid ageing or distressing process. The features of this handmade design range from the lightest blemishes and trim paint nicks to rust-covered hardware and stripped woods.   These guitars need a nitrocellulose lacquer … Read more

A DIY Stereo Tube Amp In 11 Steps

We currently live in the era of Artificial Intelligence. However, everyone loves a handmade object. While the rest of the world may be focusing on advancing technology and leaving behind handcrafted items, guitarists definitely aren’t.  Guitarists have started their own way of soldering metal and building equipment for their sonic devices. But, these procedures need … Read more

How To Build A DIY Guitar Amp And Get Amazing Tone

diy guitar amp

 Building a DIY guitar amp from scratch could be a remote idea for many people. But the accessibility and assistance that an amp kit provides change everything. The idea of trying out the project becomes far more appealing.  To make the process even easier, here’s a detailed guide that’ll walk you through the entire DIY … Read more

Tone Is In The Details: The Best 12AX7 Datasheet

12ax7 datasheet

Also known as ECC83, the 12AX7 preamp tube was originally engineered and manufactured by RCA electronics company. Nowadays, a variety of companies produce 12AX7 preamp tubes including JJ Electronics in Slovakia and Shuguang in China, commonly referred to as Groove tubes. If you own a tube amplifier or considering using one, then you probably already … Read more

How To Discharge A Capacitor

Inside a guitar amplifier are circuits, switching mechanisms, and connections that can hold potentially lethal voltage at several points in the critical path.  A very important thing to understand with guitar amplifiers is that these components can hold lethal voltage even when the amplifier is turned off. Capacitors store high voltages that can remain in … Read more

What Is A Tube Converter And Do I Need One?

best tube amp under 400

It’s a constant paradox with guitarists and their tube amps:  you have to get to a certain volume in order to introduce the optimal distortion level to really make your tone soar, but that volume can easily overwhelm your fellow musicians or a sound engineer, who really need you to lower your volume.  If only … Read more

Mojotone GA-5 Style Combo Amp Kit Review

Ever wanted to build your own guitar amplifier but didn’t know where to start? Yes, we understand the appeal and the excitement that surrounds handmade amps. However, beginning your journey down that path might be a bit challenging. For this reason, we’ve decided to help you out by suggesting one of our favorite amp kits … Read more

StewMac Build Your Own ’59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit Review

If you’re searching for a vintage amp to add the richest and warmest tunes to your melodies, then consider the StewMac build your own ’59 Tweed 15W amp kit. Built to exactly match the original ‘59 model by Fender, this amp is considered a true marvel in the rock-n-roll world. And now you can put … Read more