A DIY Stereo Tube Amp In 11 Steps

We currently live in the era of Artificial Intelligence. However, everyone loves a handmade object. While the rest of the world may be focusing on advancing technology and leaving behind handcrafted items, guitarists definitely aren’t.  Guitarists have started their own way of soldering metal and building equipment for their sonic devices. But, these procedures need … Read more

How To Discharge A Capacitor

Inside a guitar amplifier are circuits, switching mechanisms, and connections that can hold potentially lethal voltage at several points in the critical path.  A very important thing to understand with guitar amplifiers is that these components can hold lethal voltage even when the amplifier is turned off. Capacitors store high voltages that can remain in … Read more

Nobsound 6N8P Class A Tube Amp DIY Kit Review

nobsound 6n8p

Are you looking to build your own DIY amplifier kit? Nobsound might have what you’re looking for! Yes, the Nobsound 6N8P + 6P3P Hifi Class A tube amp is here to push your analog building skills to their absolute limits. All you need to build this kit is background knowledge of solid-state components and a … Read more

DIY Tube Headphone Amplifier: What You Need To Know Before Starting

DIY Tube Headphone Amplifier: What You Need To Know Before Starting

Completing Do It Yourself projects can give you one of the most fun and satisfying feelings anyone could have.  Not to mention that DIY tasks could potentially save you more money in the process—if you know what you are doing. Accomplishing something yourself is also an excellent way to tailor a project specifically to your … Read more