Arylic A50+ Review

Today, we go over an in-depth review of the smallest Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled amplifiers there is, the Arylic A50+. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re comparing highly technical musical equipment, but the key is knowing what factors to look for. After a while, deciphering the specs list gets less challenging. After a thorough inspection, … Read more

Discovering The Power of Tube Amps: 6L6 vs EL34 Tubes

The 6L6 and the EL34 are two different power tubes that you can include in an amplifier. The real question is: which one would prove itself more useful. We will be laying out everything you need to know to spot 6L6 vs EL34 tubes. We’ll discuss the differences between the two and their abilities when … Read more

Dynaco ST70 Review

Picture this: you’re in a college dorm room, surrounded by friends, and eager to blast your favorite tunes. What’s the sound system of choice? Chances are, it’s the Dynaco ST70 – the legendary amplifier that changed the game for music lovers everywhere. With its simple yet powerful design, the ST70 quickly became a household name, … Read more

How to Use a Crosley Record Player (Step-by-Step Guide)

how to use a crosley record player

Vinyl records are becoming more and more popular, with many people hunting for their favorite albums on vinyl. Crosley record players are perfect for anyone who is interested in collecting vinyl records. They’re compact, affordable and have a retro look that would be great for any collector. They also come with built-in speakers, which makes … Read more

How To Ground a Turntable?

how to ground a turntable

Turntables are a great piece of kit for music lovers. They allow you to play vinyl records and also connect to your speakers or headphones so that you can listen to your favorite tracks. However, it can be difficult to ground these devices if you’re working with older models which often use two-prong plugs. The … Read more

Why Are Turntables So Expensive?

Why Are Turntables So Expensive?

Ever since the invention of the phonograph in 1877, sound has been recorded and reproduced using a turntable. The first commercial player was introduced in 1909 by Victor Talking Machine Company. A few years later, the company’s engineers invented what we now know as “heavy-duty” turntables that utilized a direct-drive motor to rotate the platter … Read more

Best phono preamps under $100


As an audiophile, you know that vinyl records are a sound investment. You can buy them for just a few dollars and play them on your turntable in the comfort of your own home without having to leave it like you would with digital music files or streaming audio services. But as much as we … Read more

How to Record from Vinyl to Digital

How to Record from Vinyl to digital

The process of recording from vinyl to digital is still a valid one, even in today’s modern era. Digitalization of records has been around for about forty years now, and with new technology and equipment available for this type of task, there are many ways you can preserve your old records without any loss of … Read more