A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Guitar

If you’re looking to take up a new hobby, why not pick up an instrument? This guide for beginners will walk you through everything you need to know about learning guitar.  IntroductionEveryone loves a guitarist, right? Of all the instruments you could pick up at the music store, a guitar is a great choice for … Read more

Tube Amps vs Solid State Amps

One of the longest running debates amongst musicians and audiophiles is the question of tube amps vs solid state amps.  On both sides of the debate you’ll find both reasoned rationales and slavish devotion – when it comes to shopping for a new amplifier, how can you understand all the different perspectives and make a … Read more

Magnepan LRS vs KEF LS50

What makes a loudspeaker good? The answer is sound quality and accuracy. But that isn’t all. With the demand for loudspeakers spiking, the production of loudspeakers and different brands have emerged worldwide. To be unique from each other, brands must develop new features for their loudspeakers. So the new question is – which is better?  … Read more

How To Relic A Guitar

Relicing a guitar is the art of modifying your guitar into a worn, cracked, scratched and shredded guitar. You can call it a rapid ageing or distressing process. The features of this handmade design range from the lightest blemishes and trim paint nicks to rust-covered hardware and stripped woods.   These guitars need a nitrocellulose lacquer … Read more

A DIY Stereo Tube Amp In 11 Steps

We currently live in the era of Artificial Intelligence. However, everyone loves a handmade object. While the rest of the world may be focusing on advancing technology and leaving behind handcrafted items, guitarists definitely aren’t.  Guitarists have started their own way of soldering metal and building equipment for their sonic devices. But, these procedures need … Read more

Dayton Audio Hybrid Tube Amplifier Review 2021

With a unique feature set and combinatorial artistry of modern technologies, the Dayton Audio hybrid tube amplifier has taken the market by storm since its launching.  It’s as efficient and powerful as an AB amplifier and as warm as a vacuum tube preamp. The top-tier blend results in natural, articulate sounds that only refined ears … Read more

What Is 180 Gram Vinyl?

180 gram vinyl records have stolen the hearts of millions of audiophiles for a long time. At the beginning of the digital era, people started to move on from vintage records. However, not everyone wanted to abandon them. The reason behind it went beyond the sound quality. Many wanted to treasure the unique experience that … Read more