Discovering The Power of Tube Amps: 6L6 vs EL34 Tubes

The 6L6 and the EL34 are two different power tubes that you can include in an amplifier. The real question is: which one would prove itself more useful. We will be laying out everything you need to know to spot 6L6 vs EL34 tubes. We’ll discuss the differences between the two and their abilities when … Read more

Tube Amps vs Solid State Amps

tube amps vs solid state

One of the longest running debates amongst musicians and audiophiles is the question of tube amps vs solid state amps.  On both sides of the debate you’ll find both reasoned rationales and slavish devotion – when it comes to shopping for a new amplifier, how can you understand all the different perspectives and make a … Read more

What Is 180 Gram Vinyl?

180 gram

180 gram vinyl records have stolen the hearts of millions of audiophiles for a long time. At the beginning of the digital era, people started to move on from vintage records. However, not everyone wanted to abandon them. The reason behind it went beyond the sound quality. Many wanted to treasure the unique experience that … Read more

What is Hi-Fi? – Everything You Need to Know About High Fidelity Sound Systems

what is hi-fi

In the world of home theaters and sound systems, Hi-Fi audio devices are some of the most sought-out units out there. In fact, dedicated audiophiles have no qualms about investing thousands of dollars just to find the perfect combination of Hi-Fi equipment.   But, what is Hi-Fi, anyway, and what exactly makes up a Hi-Fi system? … Read more

What Class Of Amplifier Is Best?

class a amplifier

Audio amplifiers are available in various different classes that vary in terms of configuration and electrical components, with Class A amplifiers being the most common because of their notable simplicity. Class A amplifiers are known to provide maximum amplitude and high linearity.  But what makes this class different from other amplifier classes such as B, … Read more

Are Tube Amps Supposed to Glow?

Gemtune MC-10T

If you find yourself asking, “Are tube amps supposed to glow?” it’s probably because you have just discovered glowing tubes within your amplifier. This article will help to clear up whether or not that’s normal, and what you should be looking out for. Is it normal for a tube to glow orange? Although the specific … Read more

What is a Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

What is a Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

There are a number of different amplifiers that are designed to be used in different ways and for their own unique purposes. One of these is a vacuum tube amplifier. To those who aren’t familiar with a vacuum tube amplifier or what it does, it can easily sound like some kind of complicated futuristic device. … Read more