How to Use a Crosley Record Player (Step-by-Step Guide)

Vinyl records are becoming more and more popular, with many people hunting for their favorite albums on vinyl. Crosley record players are perfect for anyone who is interested in collecting vinyl records. They’re compact, affordable and have a retro look that would be great for any collector. They also come with built-in speakers, which makes them perfect for listening to your favorite albums anywhere! Find out more information on what Crosley has to offer and how you can use these handy devices!

Instructions on how to use

To use a Crosley record player, you’ll need to first attach the needle arm to the stylus. Start by pressing down on the tabs of the arm and sliding it onto the base of the turntable. Next, insert your vinyl record with its label side facing out and press it against the edge to lock it in place. Place a slip mat under your album and lower the needle arm onto its surface.

If you want to adjust the volume or switch between albums, you’re going to need to plug in your Crosley Record Player! Connect your record player’s headphone jack into any audio output device – whether it’s your laptop, smartphone or tablet- and enjoy. If you want to listen through your built-in speakers, connect the record player’s audio cable into your headphone jack.

When it’s time to switch albums or pause playback, simply lift the needle arm off of the vinyl surface. If you want to adjust the volume while using a Crosley record player, just turn a knob on your device and you’re good to go.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Use

If you’re new to the vinyl scene, it can be a little confusing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a Crosley record player.

Step 1: Choose your vinyl! Look for albums in your collection that are already on vinyl or borrow some friends’ albums. You’ll want to make sure that they’re not warped or damaged otherwise you won’t be able to listen to them on your record player.

Step 2: Assemble the device! To start, secure a slip mat onto the platter or base of the Crosley Record Player and lay your vinyl album over it with its label side facing up. Place the needle arm onto the vinyl surface and slide it down until it locks into place. Then, select an album cover from your collection that best matches this one! (Bonus: When adding a new record to your collection, you can add it behind an existing cover for a nice display.)

Step 3: Adjust your volume! There are a few different ways to adjust the volume on your Crosley Record Player. If you want to listen through headphones or speakers, simply plug them into the device’s headphone jack or audio cable and you’re good to go. If you’d rather use the built-in speakers on the record player itself, you can do that too – just connect an audio cable from the auxiliary port to any external device!

Step 4: Listen & Enjoy! Now that everything is set up, there’s nothing left for you to do but enjoy yourself. Start playing your vinyl album and turn up the sound using one of these methods! Whether it be through your headphones, built-in speakers or connected external devices like smartphones or tablets, you’re sure to have a blast!

The benefits of using a Crosley Record Player

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using Crosley Record Players! They’re so compact and portable that you can take them anywhere, which is perfect for collectors. Crosley offers models for every type of vinyl record and even has a turntable that can hold an entire suitcase worth of records. Using these record players also keeps the records out of your local landfill, which is a great thing! Not only is this more beneficial to the environment, but it’s also better for you as a consumer. Vinyl records that have been recycled are much better quality than those that were never used before. They’re cleaner and sound much clearer when they’re first played!

A History on Crosley Record Players

Crosley Radio Corporation was founded by Powel Crosley Jr in 1912. It began as an automobile parts supplier and radio manufacturer who helped bring Cincinnati into a new era of technology with its futuristic radios and cars. The company shifted their focus onto manufacturing phonographs in the 1930s. During World War II, Crosley concentrated on manufacturing buttons for airplane canopies and helmets given its large factory that could house more than 2,000 employees at a time.

Crosley was able to return to producing turntables after the war ended and thanks to their recognizable style, it became popular among many younger consumers. In 1959, Crosley expanded with two new plants located in Richmond, Indiana and Charlotte, North Carolina. They also switched from manufacturing phonographs to radios in 1961; however they continued making record players alongside these new radios until 1979 when they stopped production altogether due to poor sales figures.

Today’s Crosley Record Players

Many people remember the classic radio-phonograph combo model that Crosley manufactured many years ago. But what they may not realize is that the company has made a comeback and has been manufacturing their own line of brand new record players since 2009!

Today’s Crosley Record Players are available in two colors: Cherry Red and Snow White. They’re compact, portable, affordable and have a retro feel that any vinyl record collector will love. Not only do these machines fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle, but they also come with built-in speakers for listening to your favorite albums anywhere you go! Sweetwater Sound located in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of several retailers where you can purchase Crosley Radio products; however they’re mostly found on eBay or from private dealers online.

Crosley Valvetronic Record Players

Crosley’s newest line of record players is called the Valvetronic models. They’re designed with an extra wide tonearm featuring a lift-off tone arm that only plays 7″ records. Model DVT-100A comes in both blue and black, while model DVT-200A has a traditional wooden look to it. Both versions feature built-in speakers and anti-static heads for better playback than previous models! These new machines are sure to bring you back to simpler times; they’re perfect for any type of vinyl record collector out there!

Model Features Cost DVT-100A $79 – 200W power handling from 3″ driver speaker 2 speeds: 33/45 RPM Single switch operation; all-in-one volume control Includes: AC wall adapter, RCA interconnect cable, dust cover DVT-200A $99 – 200W power handling from 3″ driver speaker 2 speeds: 33/45 RPM Traditional wooden record player design Top loading; single switch operation Includes: AC wall adapter, RCA interconnect cable

Crosley Turntables

The Turntable line of record players are Crosley’s most popular products. They have a modern look to them and come in a variety of colors (including red!) for people who like the retro style but want something newer than their older models. The two models that are currently available are the USB-1 and the USB-2. Both models have built-in speakers, dual speed functionality at 33/45 RPM and come with a 45 RPM adapter for anyone who would like to use it as a DJ turntable too!

The tables also include a vinyl dust cover, headphone jack and line in jacks so you can connect your favorite devices (iPod, CD player etc.) so you can mix your music! You’ll be able to enjoy all of these new features along with superior sound quality from Crosley’s proprietary recording stylus that plays record albums with precision for optimum playback.


Crosley record players are perfect for anyone who is interested in collecting vinyl records. They are compact, affordable and have a retro look that would be great for any collector.

I hope this step-by-step guide on how to use a Crosley record player helped you get started. If you have any additional questions on the subject, feel free to leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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