Rockville BluTube Amplifier Review

Though transistors have become preferred to vacuum tubes, you’ll find that many music enthusiasts are still loyal to the vacuum tube amplifier. Although transistors are more durable and reliable, audiophiles still love vacuum amps, as they give a more warm sound. This is especially the case for music lovers who appreciate and look for an … Read more

Ortofon 2M Review: The Best Turntable Cartridge Under $500

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Nobsound 6P1 Tube Amplifier Review

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Bravo Audio V3 Tube Amplifier Review

With its solid build and excellent quality, The Bravo Audio V3 tube headphone amplifier gives you a clean, mellow sound at a price-to-quality ratio that is seriously hard to beat. The open design gives this amp a funky DIY feel, but Bravo didn’t skimp on the build quality: With solid soldering and high-quality, this guy … Read more

Syba Sonic Tube Headphone Amplifier Review

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LOXJIE P20 Tube Amplifier Review

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