BOSS Nextone Stage Amplifier

This is a review of The Boss Nextone Stage amplifier. The Nextone is a new amp line from Roland that combines Roland’s smart Tube Logic technology with digital control to provide a new panorama of sonic enticement. The Next One mini series has two combos: the 80-watt Artist 1×12 and the somewhat smaller 40-watt Stage … Read more

Vox AC10 Review: Classic Look And Feel

This is a review of the Vox AC10. The classic, single-speaker Vox AC10, launched in 1959, went through many cosmetic alterations before being retired in 1965, but its distinctive circuit remained mostly unchanged, and was featured in many of the company’s best – selling line of amplifiers. The AC10 inhabited a desirable spot between those … Read more

Riff Vs Lick: Know The Difference

For many people there’s a huge gap between playing music and understanding the technical aspects of sound. But if you’re going to turn your music into a career you need to learn how to close the gap. A surprising yet common query many guitarists have is that they don’t understand the difference between a riff … Read more

All Types Of Guitar Pickups You Need To Know About

Your pickup is the essence of your guitar. Without it, the guitar’s sound will be barely audible. But wait for a second; that doesn’t mean you should get the first guitar pickup you encounter. There are different types of guitar pickups for various purposes. If you don’t use the proper pickup for your guitar, you … Read more

A Quick And Easy Guide To Green Day Amp Settings

Are you a guitarist and a Billie Joe Armstrong fanatic? Have you ever wondered how to sound like Green Day? Billy, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the punk rock band Green Day, is credited with the punk revival in the early 1990s. Billie’s rig primarily contains Marshall amps and Gibson guitars, … Read more

Do You Know Just How Many Frets On A Guitar

If you’re a musician, you’ve probably asked yourself this question; how many frets on a guitar are there? But what are frets? And why is it essential in the first place? That’s simply because it’ll help you figure out precisely what type of guitar you want. You’ll know exactly what kind of guitar will cover … Read more

A Quick Comparison Of The Telecaster Vs Stratocaster

Fender’s electric guitars changed the face of music.  When the Telecaster became commercially available in 1952, it was the first-ever solid-body electric guitar to be sold to the public. But Fender wasn’t done. They released the Stratocaster in 1954, which went on to become what is arguably the best electric guitar ever made.  The release … Read more