MUZISHARE X7 Tube Amp Review – Is It Worth It?

Although tube amplifiers have been around for decades, it’s not until recently that they’ve started gaining popularity again. 

Most audiophiles like them because they provide a fuller and warmer sound profile compared to solid-state amplifiers. The fact that they also have fewer components than solid state models, makes them more durable and reliable. 

If you’re a fanatic of cutting-edge stereo tube amps and prefer ones with top-of-the-line components, consider the MUZISHARE X7. 

It’s a little pricier than most tube amplifiers, but it also sports sophisticated features that you’re not likely to find in other amps. Here’s a detailed review of the MUZISHARE X7 Tube Amp. 

All-In-One Tube Amplifier

The first thing you’ll notice about the MUZISHARE X7 is that it’s an all-inclusive audio solution. All too often, you’ll find that a preamp and power amp are sold as separate pieces of equipment. 

But MUZISHARE takes things a notch higher, incorporating the two into one unit. Jointly, the two gadgets take the raw signal from a sound source, and amplify it so that it’s loud enough for you to listen to. If you’ve been looking for an economical way to power your speakers, integrated amplifiers like the X7 are your best bet. 

Better yet, this gadget doubles up as a headphone amplifier and an amp for your Phono player too. So if you like playing recorded music on your turntable, the X7 gives you the perfect way to amplify it. 

Solid Construction

As mentioned earlier, a key highlight of this vacuum tube amplifier is the quality of its build. According to the manufacturer, the internal coupling capacitor has been upgraded to increase the efficiency of this tube amp. 

It’s aptly positioned, allowing the output of one stage of the amplifier to be connected flawlessly to the input of the second stage. This way, you’re able to listen to crisp and clear sounds. 

Another element that sets this tube amp apart is the use of the Z11 core toroidal power transformer. In case this sounds a bit complex, a toroidal transformer is simply one whose magnetic cores are shaped like a toroid (doughnut). 

Toroidal power transformers confer several benefits over conventional models. For starters, they’re incredibly light. Due to their shape, they don’t require a lot of material and this helps to reduce their overall weight and size.

Furthermore, these transformers have low radiated electro-magnetic fields, making them ideal for delicate electronic systems such as low level amplifiers. Lastly, they’re great for tube amplifiers because they have minimal electromagnetic interferences. 

The 12AX7 and 12AU7 triode tubes are another aspect that make the MUZISHARE X7 worth investing in. 

Triode tubes are usually interchangeable and this set is no different. The 12AX7 are ideal if you want a higher gain output. These are particularly suited for the preamp stage of your vacuum tube amp as they’re able to drive the power amp harder. The 12AU7, which has a lower gain output, also makes an excellent addition to hi-fidelity audio systems like the X7. 

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  • Output wattage: 45 watts
  • Dimensions: 410 x 335 x 198 mm
  • Frequency response: 15 Hz- 30 kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 92 dB
  • Item weight: 23 kg
  • Power consumption: 260W
  • Vacuum tube: 12AX7, 12AU7


One of the things we like about MUZISHARE X7 Tube Amplifier is its versatility. While some amps can only be used for certain music genres, this gadget helps you enjoy different styles of music. Whether you like music from string instruments or vocals, this tube amp doesn’t disappoint. 

Even better, this tube amp lets you listen to music from an array of sound sources. With the pure power amp, you can link it to a pre-amp signal input while the phono function allows you to connect to your phono player. 

Another aspect you’ll love about the X7 is the variety of accessories the manufacturer provides. Apart from the vacuum tube amp, the package also includes an interconnect cable, infrared remote control, a tube protective cover and an instruction manual detailing the circuit diagram. 

To sweeten the deal, MUZISHARE X7 is backed by a one-year warranty. So if you encounter a problem with any of the amp’s components, contact the manufacturer for advice, a refund or replacement. 

The X7’s 45-watts of output is another pleasant feature. While this does not necessarily mean that it’s louder than a solid state amp of the same rating, it does mean that it can withstand being pushed harder and sound better. 

In fact, tube amps sound better when they’re pushed to the limit. The same cannot be said of a solid state amp, whose sound tends to get distorted when the volume is increased. 


The MUZISHARE X7 is a quality tube amplifier so it doesn’t need much improvement. The only complaint is that it needs to be paired with great speakers to produce. If your speakers aren’t capable of running the amp in triode mode, you might not get the sound you were hoping for. 

What Customer Reviews Say

The 45-watt X7 Tube Amp by MUZISHARE has received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and other websites. Most buyers are pleased with the quality of sound the amplifier produces. According to one buyer, this gadget has warm mids and a rich bass; making it suitable for playing a wide range of music. 

Another positive attribute of the tube amp is that it’s well packaged. Unlike some amplifiers that are shipped with missing components, MUZISHARE delivers exactly what they advertise. 


If you’re one of those devoted audiophiles who would never use a solid state amplifier, the MUZISHARE X7 tube amp is one of the most popular high end tube amps in the market. It has a good selection of features; hence it provides optimal value for your money. 

Some of these features include a triode work mode that enables you to play different music styles; a toroidal power transformer which is superior to conventional transformers. Overall, its design is well thought out so you’re guaranteed that the amp will provide years of service. Plus, it’s backed by a one-year warranty. 

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