Tube Preamp Buffer: Little Bear P5-1 ver1.2 Review

South Korean song artist Park Jae-sang, professionally known as PSY, is famous for his k-pop single hit “Gangnam Style” which went viral in August 2012. He said that music is the world’s most famous and powerful language. It is unarguably true. Music also is a key factor to good health. How so?

Listening to music relaxes the physical and mental state, and boosts the mood. It serves as a distraction to any discomfort experienced. What is music if it sounds terrible? Regardless of whether you are a music lover, a musician, an audiophile or just a casual listener, you share the same ground with others when it comes to playing your favorite music – to listen and to enjoy it.

What good way to listen to your favorite music by having its sound amplified while being played in audio equipment? Sound amplification takes you into two different methods, using either a tube or a solid-state amplifier. Little Bear P5-1 version 1.2 is a tube preamp buffer wherein sounds coming from a solid-state amp/receiver are modified. It includes features that widen the sound stage in an ever smooth blended musical front.

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