Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Preamplifier Review

Are you enjoying the nostalgic beats and sounds from turntables? Yes, they may seem vintage, old-school, and outdated but turntables remain revolutionary in giving a sentimental sound that brings the spirit of the music that touches not only the ears but the heart and soul as well.

Turntables have a “needle” or phono cartridge that amplifies the audio signal. However, this signal, though already amplified by the needle, is still so weak that it needs extra amplification to get the standard line level. This is where amplifiers work. They amplify, increase, or intensify the signal, thus making music loud.

In today’s technological world, amplifiers, receivers, and other A/V components often do not have features that enable phono cartridges to work. Some even have poor-quality circuitry that delivers a disappointingly below average performance.

Two options can solve the issue. Either of the two may or may not work for you. The first option is to purchase a turntable that has phono cartridge built in it. That one could cost you more than a thousand bucks. The other option, which is preferred by countless individuals, is to buy a stand-alone phono preamplifier that could cost less.

Phono preamplifiers, also known as phono stage or turntable preamp, work significantly in turning small signals into powerful ones. A phono preamp is mainly utilized with turntables, amplifiers, and speakers.

From the vinyl to the phono cartridge, then to the preamp, next to the amplifier, then out to the speaker. It, in layman’s term, converts the phono signal (the low signal level that came from the turntable’s needle) into a line level signal, which is popularly recognized as AUX, a signal level that is strong enough to reach our ears.

Talking about phono preamps, the Pro-Ject Tube Box S is an excellent choice of phono preamplifier that has been a buzz among music lovers and turntable fans.

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