Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier Review

There is something immensely satisfying in listening to your favorite music on a well-deserved weekend break after a stressful work week. The clear strains of music that only pure and crisp sound can bring will enable most people to

This article will focus on The Kkika Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier and whether it is a viable option to enhance the performance and quality of your sound system and bring your audio experience to a whole new level.

Features of the Kkika Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier:

  • Real power output: 38W2
  • Input selection: AUX/CD/DVD with connectivity and pairing with Bluetooth v2.0. USB compatibility
  • Independent control for the treble bass and master volume
  • Vacuum tube: 6N13*2 + 6F1*2
  • Power tube: C5198*4
  • Power supply: AC 110V 60Hz
  • Unit dimensions: 19 x 28 x 24 cm.
  • Listed shipping weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Secured casing for vacuum tubes
  • Combination of knob selection and push buttons at the front panel.

The Pros:

Sound Quality:

The Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier delivers impressive and smooth sound. Warm and vibrant tones are present and can be heard. The audio quality is not compromised even when the volume is turned near to maximum.

Mid-volume setup is ideal, and amplification with this device delivers the clear and tonal properties of a good Hi-Fi. Even weak sources of sound can be amplified and enhanced further.


The Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier offers various selections and is compatible with most sound sources such as DVDs and CDs. It can also be connected with Bluetooth devices and USBs.

Since Bluetooth connectivity is present in most mobile phones and other electronic devices, this is a huge advantage.

Easy setup:

For beginners who are just now discovering how tube amps work, a system that is effortless to set up is highly attractive. The Kkika unit comes with two power amps (bigger tubes) and two preamps (smaller tubes) which can be easily inserted or removed for replacements or adjustments.

The cable plug at the back panel can be laid out with ease while the labels for the RCA Jack for DVD and CD input are clearly labeled.

The Right and Left speakers can be inserted via the banana pin found on the back panel.

The Bluetooth antenna is provided along with the Kkika unit.

Just like with most Bluetooth devices, it just needs to be turned on to connect. Lastly, a USB port can be found on the front panel to play music straight from another USB device.


The exposed vacuum tubes that give the filament a unique color when turned on, coupled with the device’s black, glossy paint finish, provides the Kkika unit a retro look and vibe which stands out. The volume control is beautifully incorporated into the front panel and easily understood.

A metal ‘security cage’ which protects the vacuum tubes is an excellent feature since buying vacuum tubes can be very expensive.


The performance of the Kkika 38W Vacuum Tube Amplifier is above expectation in comparison to its entry-price level. The wide selection of connectivity that it offers and the sound it delivers make every dollar spent justifiable.

The Cons:


The Kkika Tube Amplifier comes in at the height of 19 cms tall. It has a length of 28 cms and a width of 24 cms. It also weighs in at a hefty six kilograms.

This device is in the mid to large category because it is designed to be used primarily for the home.

Lack of headphone jack:

The Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier may not be a good option for those who need to listen using their headsets because it does not accommodate a headset device.


The Kkika 38W Vacuum Tube amp faces other competitors with similar features within the same price range. One of the nearest comparable competitors is the Monoprice Tube Amp. It provides a 50W power output and provides a multi-input selection.

Bluetooth and CD connectivity is available and positioned at the front panel. However, the lack of USB port connector gives the Monoprice 50W Tube Amp Stereo Hybrid a definite disadvantage.


The Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier is packed with a lot of excellent features. The superb tone, as well as the bright and crisp sound, can be effortlessly achieved by merely turning the device on. This home amplifier offers good Hi-Fi quality at a quite affordable entry price point.


For all the cool features it packs plus the incredible performance it puts on, we highly recommend the Kkika 38W2 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier. This electronic device is ideal for everyday users who enjoy crystal clear sound as well as beginners at the start of their audiophile journey.

The price, build, quality, aesthetics, connectivity, and performance makes this device a worthy purchase.