The Most Popular High-end Tube Amps in the Market 1

Many audiophiles are willing to spend large amounts of money just to get the most high-end tube amps on the market. However, many are currently regretting the purchases they made since some ended up getting an expensive tube amp which is not equipped with the features and technologies that some of the similarly-priced and cheaper models have.

So to avoid this, buyers of high-end tube amps are encouraged to do their research before making the purchase. They can also consider any of the high-end tube amps below.

PSVANE TS66 EL34*4 Integrated Push-pull Vacumn Tube Amplifier

The PSVANE TS66 EL34*4 Integrated Push-pull Vacumn Tube Amplifier is regarded by many audiophiles as one of the most reliable high-end tube amps available on the market.

Many buyers prefer this product over other high-end ones since it is 100% handmade, good quality and proven to produce sweet, crisp and distortion-free tube sounds.

It is equipped with two 12AX7, two 12AU7 and four EL34-B tubes that are responsible for transforming sounds that pass through the device much better than the original version. Unfortunately, the PSVANE TS66 EL34*4 Integrated Push-pull Vacumn Tube Amplifier is not among the type of tube amps that users can easily take on the go.

This is because the product comes with dimensions of 19×1512 inches and weighs about 35 pounds. Despite of such weight and size, the product is still regarded as a leader in its class for it comes with the CD/USB mode and can play mp3s.


Pro-Ject Audio – Tube Box DS

The Pro-Ject Audio – Tube Box DS is another example of a high-end tube amp which is not only famous for its price but also for its long list of useful features.

It comes with dimensions 13.2×7.1×4.2 inches and has a weight of about 3.4 pounds. It is marketed as a high-end MC/MM phono preamplifier with MM/MC switches found on its rear panel.

It features the uniquely-designed continuously variable loading input impedance that allows it to provide the performance expected from a high-end amp. In addition, the device also offers a gain adjustment of 40/50/60dB and is fitted with SMD technology along with very low-noise semiconductors.


Jolida Audio – JD202BRC – Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier

This popular high-end tube amps list would not be complete without mentioning the Jolida Audio – JD202BRC – Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier since it is one of the worthy members of the group. First, it is considered a high-end model by many audiophiles.

Second, it is among the most reliable models on the market since it is made of durable components and marketed as a fully-integrated stereo amplifier.

In addition, it is admired for its multiple inputs that include for the tuner, TV, Tape Recorder and the switch-CD selector mounted in front. It also has an auxiliary input slot for the auxiliary devices like a TV, computer or VCR. It also includes a remote control that allows users send commands to the amp from a distance.

YAQIN MS-650B 845*2 Class A Single Ended Integrated Tube Amplifier

The YAQIN MS-650B 845*2 Class A Single Ended Integrated Tube Amplifier is a high-end tube amp known for its upscale features. It is admired for its lower output impedance and wider frequency response. It is equipped with high-powered PSVANE triode 845 tubes along with larger VU meters for more professional and accurate volume control.

In addition, it makes use of a Japanese-made transformer which is built with an audio-oriented silicon steel sheet and a high-intensity enameled oxygen-free wire. Finally, the amplifier has an automatic time lapse that controls the high-voltage power supply and extends the tub’s life.

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McIntosh MC275 Tube Power Amplifier 2 Channel


Finally, every high-end tube amp consumer knows the McIntosh MC275 Tube Power Amplifier 2 Channel as it is one of the most expensive products on the market.  By paying such an expensive price, consumers will surely have an amplifier with all the features modern-day music enthusiasts need.

First off, this tube amp comes with tauter bass control and circuit design which is thermally quiet.  It features a patented set of gold-plated binding posts for the speakers that maintain the best connection for all the speaker cables.

It also comes with seven LED-illuminated small tubes responsible for providing the device’s functional status. It also comes with the Power Control used for remotely controlling the tube illumination of the McIntosh preamplifier.


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