Wangs Amps 60W Dual Channel Acoustic Amplifier Review

The world of guitar amps is full of competition that you’ve probably witnessed yourself.

Yet, some lesser-known brands might suit the needs of many guitarists, especially beginners. Companies like Wangs Amps have considerably steady feet on the market now and for all the right reasons.

In this article, we’ll help you become more familiar with this unique Chinese brand and review one of their best products.

Wangs Amps – A Quick Introduction

Based in Shanxi Province, China, the Wangs Amps company is a bit new to the musical world. However, by slowly and steadily building a fanbase in China, it’s become one of the best amplifier brands there.

The reason why Wangs Amps gained such popularity is their admirable philosophy, which led to the creation of Wangs Amps USA. Let’s find out why this company’s products have started to steal the spotlight.

You’ll notice that every Wangs’ product pays homage to the vintage style. The amps rely on classical circuitry, minimalistic layouts, straight-to-the-point builds, and clear sounds.

Therefore, it was only natural that Wangs Amps is one of the largest suppliers of professional tube amplifiers in China. 

Yes, the Wangs products are still considered boutique-level in the US. But we’re pretty sure that they’ll capture even more attention in the next few years.

Reviewing the Wangs 60W Dual-Channel Acoustic Amplifier

If you’re looking for further evidence as to why Wangs is so successful in China, we’d be glad to review one of their products. 

The Wangs 60W Acoustic Amplifier might be a good place to start.

Let’s find out more about its cool features!

Impressive Sounds Within Your Reach

This amplifier boasts a multitude of options that any guitarist would be interested in trying.

For starters, it comes with a hi-fi circuit design, not to mention high sensitivity. As a result, the output should be clear enough to enhance your musical experience.

Other things you might appreciate include digital reverb, chorus effects, and double-channel control. Each one of these features offers you the chance to customize the sound to match your musical genre.

With its straightforward design and knob controls, you can easily adjust bass, treble, and middle levels.

Of course, all these features combined can help you keep up with your musical style. This makes the amp a nice device for rehearsals, digital recording, and even live gigs.

With its volume, you can use it in performances that include small to medium crowds. Yes, a large crowd will probably need a bigger amplifier, but we’re not complaining since this amp is mainly used for practice.

Simple Design and Durable Materials

There are more things to look for in a guitar amplifier besides its sound options. These considerations include a solid body, high-quality materials, and good construction.

This Wangs amp comes in a natural baltic enclosure that should allow it to stand steady for years of use. Because of its compact design, you’ll find that it’s lightweight and portable.

It’s also available with double-cone speakers for rich sounds to add a level of uniqueness to your performance.

Now, all that’s left is your own experiments with different options, modifications, and additions to create your music.

With incredible tones and a nice degree of sound control, this amplifier could be your go-to pick.

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  • Output: 60 watts
  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 15.59 x 15.5 inches
  • Item weight: 16.53 lbs


There’s a lot to admire about this amplifier.

Its vintage design is appealing, and not just in terms of looks. The manufacturers of this amp apply this philosophy to the build of the circuit itself and control options. The way that the circuit is wired pays homage to the classical era.

Also, one of the best things about this device is that it’s affordable. If you’re a beginner to guitar amps, the price might encourage you to buy this Wangs amp so that you can give it a try.

Even those who have more experience could take a liking to this amplifier. This is due to its smaller size, compact design, awesome sounds, and more.

What we didn’t exactly see coming was how loud this amplifier is. To everyone who tried it, the volume seemed to be the best feature. Even better, you can crank it higher without worrying about any buzz or hum.


According to a few users, this amp couldn’t produce rich enough sounds. In addition, it’s a bit tiny, which can make it unfit for live performances.

Other people who gave this amplifier a try weren’t satisfied when they tried it with pedals. Of course, it’s all a matter of taste, so this might not be completely concerning.

Lastly, being a Chinese brand, some people might be reluctant to buy this amp. However, once they realize how trustworthy it is, they may consider giving it a go.

What Customer Reviews Say

The general opinion of reviews was, you guessed it, positive!

73% of reviewers on Amazon gave this amplifier 5 stars, while only 6% decided it was worth 1 star. We think that this is an impressive ratio, don’t you?

Most users were blown away by the sounds that came out of this amp. More than anything, they commented on how delightfully loud it was, which they weren’t expecting.

They spoke of crisp, clean, and desirable notes that beat other models on the market. According to their opinion, the Wangs amp was an amazing choice for demo recording and practice.

Lastly, people couldn’t help but admire the strong build and well-thought design of this unit. Some said that it was reliable enough to last for a long time.

When it comes to negative comments, you’ll notice that they weren’t many.

Some complained about how the tones weren’t as rich as they’d prefer. Others weren’t fans of the volume levels, even though the majority of people seemed to think otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Wangs Amps seems to have taken the market by storm, which is only natural because of its dedicated vision and honest philosophy. We’re pretty sure that, in only a few years, Wangs will have a huge fan base in the US.

Frankly, it was easy to understand their appeal once we took a look at their products. Hopefully, after reading our review on Wangs 60W Acoustic Amplifier, you’ll come to that realization, too.

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