Wangs Amps 60W Dual Channel Acoustic Amplifier Review

The world of guitar amps is full of competition that you’ve probably witnessed yourself.

Yet, some lesser-known brands might suit the needs of many guitarists, especially beginners. Companies like Wangs Amps have considerably steady feet on the market now and for all the right reasons.

In this article, we’ll help you become more familiar with this unique Chinese brand and review one of their best products.

Wangs Amps – A Quick Introduction

Based in Shanxi Province, China, the Wangs Amps company is a bit new to the musical world. However, by slowly and steadily building a fanbase in China, it’s become one of the best amplifier brands there.

The reason why Wangs Amps gained such popularity is their admirable philosophy, which led to the creation of Wangs Amps USA. Let’s find out why this company’s products have started to steal the spotlight.

You’ll notice that every Wangs’ product pays homage to the vintage style. The amps rely on classical circuitry, minimalistic layouts, straight-to-the-point builds, and clear sounds.

Therefore, it was only natural that Wangs Amps is one of the largest suppliers of professional tube amplifiers in China. 

Yes, the Wangs products are still considered boutique-level in the US. But we’re pretty sure that they’ll capture even more attention in the next few years.

Reviewing the Wangs 60W Dual-Channel Acoustic Amplifier

If you’re looking for further evidence as to why Wangs is so successful in China, we’d be glad to review one of their products. 

The Wangs 60W Acoustic Amplifier might be a good place to start.

Let’s find out more about its cool features!