How To Connect Record Player To Sonos

Sonos is the supreme wireless multi-room sound system. Speakers are well known for their amazing sound quality. For me personally, it’s one of the best home sound systems in the market. Yes, the price is high, but the quality, without a doubt, is breathtaking. These premium speakers will change the way you listen your favorite music. If you are a record player user you might think how to connect it to the Sonos. In this guide I will cover the most important aspects and things which you have to know in order to succesfully connect your device to Sonos.

Settling on a suitable speaker can be very difficult, with many companies making products which offer pretty much the same features. There is absolutely no need to worry as in this article I will give you all the necessary information that should make your task easier and you will know how to connect record player to Sonos.

It’s possible to play your records through Sonos. And I will explain the process.

In order to connect and play record player through Sonos you will need one of these devices:

  • Sonos Five
  • Sonos AMP
  • Sonos Port

If you have a record player with a built-in preamp then just connect it to the back of Sonos Five. Use an RCA Y-audio cable and just simply plug it into the line-in port. If you own a turntable, connect a turntable to the preamp and then connect to the Sonos Five (line-in port).

Sonos AMP and Port are basically the same products. They look the same and offer the same features, only difference is that Sonos AMP has built-in amplification so it doesn’t require additional speakers or amplifiers. These devices are made for those who already have a pair of speakers or they want to expand their current sound system with additional speakers. You can connect your record player to the back of one of these devices using a RCA audio cable. After that, connect the cables securely to avoid any kind of interference or loss of sound quality.

Five is the only Sonos speaker which has line-in port.

If your record player has no amplifier, then you can use Sonos AMP and connect it to your device.

If you already using a third-party amplifier then you can choose Sonos Port, which will help you in this situation.

Once you connect your record player to Sonos Five, AMP, or Port, open your Sonos app on your tablet or smartphone and click the Line-in source. And that is it – you connected your vinyl device to Sonos and now you can listen to the perfect quality music.

In order to control your Sonos device you will need the free app which can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play.

This is how you connect record player to Sonos. Have fun listening!

Best Turntables For Sonos

Almost all turntables are suitable for Sonos sound system. The ones that have no a built-in preamp requires additional preamp. Most of the preamps will work, for example Rolls Phono Preamp (VP29), GOgroove Mini, DYNASTY PROAUDIO UA2D or Pyle PP999.

I strongly recommend to choose a turntable with a built-in preamp. So here are my recommendations:

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK

In my opinion, this one is one of the best options you can choose in the market. It’s not expensive and provides really good quality. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK can play capable to play at two speeds and has an integral Dual Magnet cartridge with a replaceable needle. Also, it has a built-in preamp which will easily conenct to Sonos. This turntable is compatible with 45 and 33⅓ RPM records.

Crosley C62

Crosley C62 has 2 speeds and built-in preamp and a Bluetooth receiver. C62 has a tonearm balancing feature which is very helpful. This model is a little bit more expensive than the previous one, but the quality is outstanding. If you value full, balanced, and clear sound – this is your best choice. If you use this turntable with Sonos system, the sound quality will be really outstanding.

Rega Planar 1 Plus

Rega Planar 1 Plus and Sonos system is a really great combination. You can choose both of them as your best option as Rega Planar 1 Plus has a built-in preamp and Sonos offers clear, full sound.

I strongly recommend you to get one of those turntables if you want to start playing vinyl records with Sonos system. All of these are great choices.

Why is it not possible to directly connect a turntable with Sonos?

Sonos uses digital signal instead of analog one. This is why you will need an additional device or setup your existing equipment in order to play vinyl. If you want to hear records through wireless speakers, you have two options:

Buy an amplifier – this kind of system can be easily controlled using the free app for iOS and Android devices available on Apple App Store and Google Play;

Buy a record player with built-in preamp – as I already said, there are some turntables that offers a feature called “built-in preamp”. As well all of them are compatible with Sonos wireless sound system.

How To Connect a Bluetooth Turntable to Sonos?

Sonos sound system is not compatible with every turntable, especially with bluetooth turntables. Sonos systems work based on Wi-Fi protocol.

What Is An Amplifier?

Am amplifier is a device that will increase the voltage of your device and power up the output. There is an amplifier in almost every turntable, though some of them are quite small and weak. So if you want to connect record player to Sonos, you will also need to buy an amplifier or make a new one, as described above.

What’s the difference between bluetooth and wi-fi protocols?

Wi-Fi protocol sends data via radio signals – the range of the network is much greater. Bluetooth allows you to pair two devices together to transfer audio files and perform basic music control functions, like play/pause or skip track back and forth.

Why Sonos is so expensive?

If you buy a Sonos system, you need to consider one more thing – its price. As I already mentioned, all the components in Sonos are made in USA and are really high quality. The company uses only qualitative materials for manufacturing their sound systems. You may be interested to know that all speakers are rated at IPX4 standard, which means they are splash resistant. This feature will help them survive even if there’s some accident and your speaker accidentally falls into water or any other liquid.

Also, Sonos is compatible with all AirPlay products and it means that you can stream music from iTunes to Sonos speakers. This option will be really useful for those who have an Apple TV and want to watch TV programs without disturbing the rest of the house.


If you want to play vinyl records through Sonos, there are a few steps involved. You’ll need an amplifier or setup your existing equipment so that it can work with digital signals rather than analog ones. While the process may sound intimidating if you don’t know what needs to be done, this article should have given you some helpful insights on how to connect record player to Sonos and get started playing those old-school favorites again!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. I’ll be glad to help!

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