Willsenton R8 Integrated Tube Amplifier Review 2021

Nothing can possibly beat the sounds that come out of a good amp. However, you might need to go through countless market options until you find the perfect one.

Hopefully, we can help you out on your search by suggesting one of our favorite amplifiers out there. We think that the Willsenton R8 tube amplifier could change your musical experience entirely.

Ready to know more about it? Let’s begin our review of this powerful beast!

Wild Control Options

Many things can attract a musician or an audio hobbyist to an amplifier. Yet, most of the time, it’s the level of control that has everyone’s attention almost immediately. To our delight, the Willsenton R8 offers this, if not more.

For instance, with this beauty, you get three different and distinctive sound options. This is because you can connect this amp to three tube models, which are:

  • EL34 tubes
  • KT88 tubes
  • 6550 tubes

Due to this admirable variety in vacuum tubes, you can enjoy a multitude of sound effects all in the same place. The default tube model of this machine is KT88, so you’ll have to buy the other two separately.

To switch between these vacuum tubes, all you’ll have to do is use the red selection button on the back of the amp.

Another example of how this amplifier allows you maximum control is that you get to pick the mode, too. Choosing from triode or ultra-linear, you can significantly improve the output sounds.

As you experiment with all these options, you should end up with sounds that are uniquely yours. Whether you prefer crisp, clear, and detailed sounds or something that borders on rich and deep, this amp should answer to your needs.

Impressive Value for the Price 

One of the things that any musician would likely appreciate is a sturdy and well-built amp, which is also the case here. Generally, the R8 is by no means affordable, but the money you’ll spend on it should be worth each detail.

For starters, the vacuum tubes that come with this amplifier are Willsenton branded. Therefore, you can expect them to produce clean sounds with no hums or buzz. 

Of course, this isn’t always the case with other amps, where you can find cheap tubes that you’ll need to replace after a while of use. The Willsenton R8 is a powerful, solid beast that can last you a while.

In addition to the quality of the tubes, the body itself, besides other components, is mostly made of aluminum. While this adds to the weight of the device, it also offers you years of unmatched performance.


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  • Output wattage: 45 watts
  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 11.81 x 20.08 inches
  • Item weight: 64.1 lbs
  • Signal to noise ratio: 91 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 1%


It’s time that we discuss all the impressive qualities of this amplifier.

For starters, you’ll probably appreciate that it’s purely hand-made and put together using manual welding. Of course, this further adds to its overall value, which is another reason for its high price.

Next, it’s pretty easy to attach the tubes, not to mention that the amp comes with a plug-in tube shield. This shield is also simple to put into place.

Plus, you’ll find an infrared remote control, which is made of durable aluminum, just like most of the amp’s components. 

Last but not least, it comes as no surprise that the manufacturer has put a lot of thought into the packaging as well. The device is usually triple-boxed, with the tubes pre-installed and protected with styrofoam and tape.

It’s pretty clear that this amplifier seeks to answer your innermost needs for luxury, performance, and efficiency.


Fortunately, there aren’t that many drawbacks to this amp. However, we’re quite sure that the price can be an issue for some people, especially if you’re a beginner.

Another point that can be only a bit annoying is that the R8 is really heavy. It weighs about 64 pounds, which can make taking it out of the box a little tough.

Also, you might have some doubts about its abilities since it’s made in China. Yet, based on many reviews of people who gave it a try, the Willsenton R8 amplifier is definitely worth trying.

What Customer Reviews Say

Of course, you should always listen to what the people had to say about a product before making up your mind about it. Therefore, we’ve decided that it’s time to discuss what customer reviews had to say about this amp.

The majority of users couldn’t help but fall in love with the Willsenton R8 amp. On Amazon, 71% of reviewers gave it five stars, with no 1-star reviews whatsoever. That’s such an impressive ratio that you’re unlikely to come across every day!

Now, let’s find out which features made this device so popular among users.

Some admired its strong build, commenting on its notable durability and high quality. They even said that this amp has the power to replace any other amplifier that they’d previously bought.

Others praised its sound quality, stating that there was no hum or noise once they switched it on. The users loved that they could switch modes, not to mention that they were allowed to use three different vacuum tube models.

For these reasons, plus much more, most reviews were positive. A few even claimed that it was the best amplifier out there, despite not being the priciest option on the market.

There were some minor negative comments, though. See, some people weren’t fans of the weight or the bulky size of the amplifier. Others thought it was too expensive for beginners.

Final Words

Searching for the best amplifier can take you weeks, months, or even years. However, you can make your journey a bit shorter by giving the Willsenton R8 amp a shot.

It comes with a balanced mixture of everything you might be looking for. From an outstanding performance to a sturdy body to multiple control options, this amp can be the answer to your wishes.

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