Willsenton R8 Integrated Tube Amplifier Review 2021

Nothing can possibly beat the sounds that come out of a good amp. However, you might need to go through countless market options until you find the perfect one.

Hopefully, we can help you out on your search by suggesting one of our favorite amplifiers out there. We think that the Willsenton R8 tube amplifier could change your musical experience entirely.

Ready to know more about it? Let’s begin our review of this powerful beast!

Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated AMP Power Amplifier Headphone (Silver)
  • One amplifier can used wiht tube EL34, KT88 or 6550, so, you can get 3 kinds of sound from different models tubes. The default matching tubes of this machine is KT88. If you need another 2 new sets of tube, please purchase in addition. There is a Red selection button on the Back of the amp to switch.
  • Pure hand-made, Point to point manual welding.
  • Willsenton R8 is an integrated Amplifier, it is a Power Amplifier too (there is a group Power amp input), it is a Headphones amp too.
  • Triode and ultra-linear selection are available which can be switched by the button on the amplifier. (When the indicator light is Green, it is triode working. When the indicator light is Red, it is ultra-linear working .)
  • With a remote control,Vacuum tube protective cover,Fuse and an English manual.

Wild Control Options

Many things can attract a musician or an audio hobbyist to an amplifier. Yet, most of the time, it’s the level of control that has everyone’s attention almost immediately. To our delight, the Willsenton R8 offers this, if not more.

For instance, with this beauty, you get three different and distinctive sound options. This is because you can connect this amp to three tube models, which are:

  • EL34 tubes
  • KT88 tubes
  • 6550 tubes

Due to this admirable variety in vacuum tubes, you can enjoy a multitude of sound effects all in the same place. The default tube model of this machine is KT88, so you’ll have to buy the other two separately.

To switch between these vacuum tubes, all you’ll have to do is use the red selection button on the back of the amp.

Another example of how this amplifier allows you maximum control is that you get to pick the mode, too. Choosing from triode or ultra-linear, you can significantly improve the output sounds.

As you experiment with all these options, you should end up with sounds that are uniquely yours. Whether you prefer crisp, clear, and detailed sounds or something that borders on rich and deep, this amp should answer to your needs.