Willsenton R8 Integrated Tube Amplifier Review 2022

We found this amplifier to be quite versatile because it can support three different types of vacuum tubes. Plus, it’s a powerful amplifier that can be used for not just your favorite setup, but also for headphones as well.

We’ll dive into this review with a deeper look at each of the important features. You will learn that this amp will be able to produce excellent sound quality regardless of what tube they install.

If you want to find out more details about the Willsenton R8 and what to expect from it, keep reading.

Product Overview

Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated AMP Power Amplifier Headphone (Black)
  • One amplifier can used wiht tube EL34, KT88 or 6550, so, you can get 3 kinds of sound from different models tubes. The default matching tubes of this machine is KT88. If you need another 2 new sets of tubes, please purchase in addition. There is a Red selection button on the Back of the amp to switch.
  • Pure hand-made, Point to point manual welding.
  • Willsenton R8 is an integrated Amplifier, it is a Power Amplifier too (there is a group Power amp input), it is a Headphones amp too.
  • Triode and ultra-linear selection are available which can be switched by the button on the amplifier
  • With a remote control,Vacuum tube protective cover,Fuse and an English manual.

What Does The Product Do?

The Willsenton R8 is an amplifier that can use three different types of tubes. These include but are not limited to the EL34, 6550, and the KT88.

It provides excellent sound quality for speakers and also headphones.

Is it good? Why?

It is a good product because it can accommodate different tubes without issue. Furthermore, it can also support other devices proving its versatility.

Top Features

Now that we’ve knocked out the overview, let’s take a look at each of the top features in detail:

Provides Three Different Kinds of Sound.

By default, the Willsenton R8 has the KT88 tubes. However, you’ll need to purchase the EL34 and the 6550 tubes separately if you need to install them at any time.

Once you have these installed in the amplifier, you can use the selection button located on the back of the amp. That way, you can experience three different types of sound quality.

If you want the best sound quality, your best bet is to include these additional tubes. That way, you’ll have more options. So if you might not feel like listening to it on its KT88 setting, you can switch to EL34.

Integrated Amplification.

Why settle for something that is only going to be a power amp? With the Willsenton R8, it’s more than just that.

This bad boy can also be an amplifier for your headphones as well. That’s right. You can listen to louder, richer sounds while wearing your favorite headphones.

This feature can also be helpful for guitar players, primarily if they practice in silence using headphones.

They can listen to the sound without having to make too many adjustments. If that isn’t a guitar player’s dream, we don’t know what is.

Sometimes, when you put headphones into an amplifier, it may not sound all that loud. The good news is, the Willsenton R8 eliminates this problem.

This integrated amplification feature may be the deciding factor for audiophiles like yourself.

Remote Control.

If you need to make adjustments, you can do it with just a touch of the button. This includes a remote control feature that will allow you to adjust the volume or anything else to ensure the perfect sound.

You can also switch different modes as well. For example, If you want to listen to music in ultra-linear mode, you can just press the button. Or if you feel like listening to it in triode mode, then of course that’s another press of the button as well.