Nobsound NS-10P Stereo Tube Amp Review 2023

There are many wonders in the world of music. If you ask us, we think music accompanies us during every phase of our lives.

Most of us have been stuck in the emo phase for a while with the help of bands like My Chemical Romance. Others have their 80’s-rock playlist ready for whenever they feel nostalgic.

However, sometimes listening to unique music through your headphones isn’t enough. You might crave a richer, fuller sound with all the right musical appeal.

You can do this by getting a nice little vacuum tube preamp, which you can connect to your home stereo system. Even better, you’ll get all the awesome sound distortion when you connect it to your musical equipment.

With this Nobsound NS-10P review, you’ll find that you can satisfy your rocker self by buying this mini pre-amplifier.

Amazing Sound Performance

If you’re a dedicated vinyl lover, then the flat sounds of today’s electronic music might hurt your ears. What made that music unique was the effort behind every record and every CD.

This is why you should check out the sound performance of this vacuum tube to get those vibes again.

The newest Nobsound preamp eliminates background noise and adds a pleasing tube sound. To many musicians, these tube sounds can distinguish good music from bad music.

Also, it gets rid of the digital touch of your sound system, bringing back all those musical memories.

In addition, it enhances your overall musical experience by producing a soft and warm sound. You won’t need to hear those artificial tones anymore while playing or listening to music.

This incredible mini vacuum tube preamp should work great with many types of music. You can try it with vocals, rock, string music, and classical music.

However, you must note that this device doesn’t work alone. You have to connect it to an amplifier or an active speaker.

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All the Control You Can Get

The second best thing about this mini vacuum tube is that it has an independent control unit. You should be able to control the treble, bass, and volume levels to match your liking.

This way, you can eliminate those shallow electronic sounds and add a softer tone to your music. Also, the bass doesn’t have to be non-existent anymore.

Aside from that, we love its small size and its manufacturing. It comes with a black-and-gold color combination. 

Its aluminum and front panel are CNC-chamfered to add to its sleek appearance. It also comes with a soft blue light.

Last but not least, let’s talk about its amplification. The Nobsound NS-10P preamp works with almost all amplifier circuits. Besides that, its vacuum tube 6JI is suitable with a classic triode amplifier circuit.

Here’s an unboxing video from antonis kosivas:


  • Power supply: 100~240V 50/60Hz
  • Voltage amplification: 1.5~2.0 times
  • Audio input/output: standard 3.5mm
  • Frequencies between 20Hz ~ 30 KHz
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.6 x 3.3 inches
  • Item weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 13.4 ounces


You can find many things worth mentioning when it comes to this mini vacuum tube. Beyond the appealing tube sounds, there are other things to admire.

First of all, it has this exquisite appearance with the elegant colors of black and gold.

Second of all, you can say goodbye to the lifeless music you’ve been struggling with. Instead, you should enjoy a more vibrant version of it.

Also, the treble and bass controls contribute notably to the quality of your music. So, you can have your own mini equalizer to adjust those levels to your liking.

What can also grip your attention is that it eliminates background noise. You should feel content listening to all sorts of music from classical to your favorite Rolling Stones songs.

In general, this mini vacuum tube does its job well and is worth giving it a shot.


There are only a few drawbacks you might want to know before buying this mini preamp

For instance, the body might not be as sturdy as it looks. So, you should be extra careful not to drop it. Also, the tubes tend to move too much.

There’s another point you should keep in mind. If you crank the bass to its max level, you might hear some buzzing noise. It’s better if you keep it at the 50% level.

In addition, some people claimed that it had stopped working properly after months of use.

What People Had to Say About It

This Nobsound NS-10P has about dozens of reviews on Amazon. As for the ratings, there are 53% 5-star reviews, and 14% 1-star reviews.

Let’s find out what customers had to say after trying their luck with this mini vacuum tube.

The majority of their reviews admired the sound quality that the device generated. They praised the deep, rich sounds that eliminated the usual flatness of digital music.

Also, the treble, bass, and volume controls were popular among users. They appreciated their effects on their sounds. As a result, some described the outcome as ‘full, rich, and vibrant.’

As for the drawbacks some people faced, one of them was the fragility of the preamp’s body. Also, some users claimed that the tubes moved too much for their comfort.

Some people also found out that the volume control wasn’t working as required. They claimed that there was no difference between its maximum level and two clicks down from it.


Our review comes to an end, but not before pointing out why this mini vacuum tube is an excellent device.

The first reason to consider buying it is that it has value for the price. It can provide you with all these warm, unique sounds you’ve been waiting to come across.

Also, it has a small size and a suitable weight. We liked its manufacturing, and how everything was put together to create this beauty.

After all, you should listen to your inner musician. It might usher you to consider giving the Nobsound NS-10P preamp a shot.

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