Bravo Audio V2 Class A Amplifier Review

It isn’t enough to buy a pair of high-end headphones to listen to your favorite music.

Some go their whole lives doing just that without realizing that they’re missing out. By using a headphone amplifier, you can enhance your musical experience a great deal.

What is a Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

This is why we suggest that you take a look at this amazing amplifier by Bravo. 

Have we triggered your interest yet? Well, you’d better check out our Bravo Audio V2 Class A Amplifier review and see for yourself how wonderful it is.

Awesome Sounds at Your Disposal

You’re probably familiar with vacuum tubes and how many audio enthusiasts go to great ends to get them. Imagine having these unique sounds effects in your hands. Pretty cool, right?

When you try the V2 with your high-end headphones, you should hear all the warm sounds you’ve been looking for. It works with high-quality 12AU7 tubes and is equipped with 3.5mm and RCA stereo input.

Whether you use it with a smartphone or laptop this amplifier should improve your listening experience. This is because the amplifier works as a balancing agent between high-impedance headphones and these devices.

A standard pair of headphones have an impedance of 32Ω. While high-impedance headphones can range from 60Ω to 800Ω.

As a result, the sound can be muffled if you use high-impedance headphones alone. Instead, if you connect them to a suitable tube amplifier, you should get a clearer, higher, and richer sound.

A Remarkable Design

The Bravo V2 might look tiny, but it’s the improved version of the original hybrid tube amplifier by Bravo Audio. This means it has a stronger build, better manufacturing, and it’s less expensive.

Let’s talk more about its design. You can see that it has an open design, which is great to keep the amplifier from overheating.

Another nice touch is the LED lights. You’ll find a red light and a blue light, and they remain on as long as the amplifier is working.

If you look at the sides, you can find several heatsinks for cooling purposes. But you must be careful if you want to pick the amplifier up after a while of use. They’re usually hot to the touch by that point.

As previously mentioned, you should find a 3.5mm headphone jack and RCA inputs. Also, it’s equipped with a Japanese ALPS potentiometer to control the volume levels.

In general, the Bravo V2 amplifier can do wonders for your headphone sounds.

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  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
  • Item weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 pounds

Here’s a nice review video from GearDiary:


Aside from the obvious tube sounds, there are many things to admire about this amplifier.

First of all, you can pair it with almost any high-impedance headphones. However, for the best results, it’s a good idea to find the best pairing. Because some headphones work better with the V2 more than others.

To make it clearer, the effects of the V2 can vary from one pair of headphones to another. So, it’s all based on your preferences and what you like to hear.

Second of all, we like its open design and its durable parts. Although they might seem easy to break, you should find them solid enough to withstand a drop.

It also comes with a reliable Shuguang 12AU7 tube. Due to its high-quality manufacturing, it might last you a good while before having to replace it.

Last but not least, you can control the volume levels easily using the included potentiometer.

As you well know by now, it doesn’t matter if you’re an audiophile or just someone who likes to listen to music. Either way, we’re quite certain you’ll admire this amp.


Only several drawbacks can be noticed when it comes to the Bravo V2 amplifier. 

The potentiometer can be a bit sensitive when you adjust the volume. You should pay extra attention when using it not to mess with the ideal volume level. 

We recommend that you adjust it in the direction of 8 o’clock. For most headphones, it should be the perfect volume where it’s not too loud and not too low.

Another thing you should watch for is the noise that you might hear at a louder volume.

What Customer Reviews Say

You should know that the V2 had an outstanding 5-star to 1-star review ratio. 

57% of customer reviews were 5 stars, while only 5% of reviews were 1 star. This is based on 439 customer ratings.

Now, let’s find out how these people found the Bravo Audio V2 Amplifier.

Many reviewers admired that this amplifier had great value for money. They claimed that it wasn’t expensive compared to similar products on the market.

Also, most of the people had great experiences when they attached it to their headphones. They recommended the V2 for producing rich sounds. But only if you combine it with the right headphones.

However, there were some complaints. One was that the amplifier became too hot the more time you used it.

Another drawback is that the amplifier might pick up noise from your device. This is due to the fact that it’s not shielded.

Some customers faced a scratching and ticking noise after months of use. They said that these sounds were so loud that they drowned the sound of music.

Despite that, the majority of reviews praise the V2 for its performance, value for money, and improved sound experience.


You’re pretty much convinced by now that purchasing a pair of high-quality headphones is only the beginning.

By getting the Bravo Audio V2 Class A Amplifier, you might get the chance to take your favorite music to the next level.

Along with the awesome tube sounds, it should add a welcome richness and vibrance to your music. Also, its unique design and sturdy build make it worth buying.

As for its price, you might come to appreciate how affordable it is compared to Bravo Audio’s previous amplifiers.

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