5 Must Have Pedals for Acoustic Guitar


Wondering how to amplify the sound on your acoustic guitar? To enhance the basic sound of your guitar you’ll need a pedal with good effects. The effects you must look for include a compressor and EQ, to mention a few.

For a beginner must have pedals for acoustic guitar should be easy to operate, without a huge learning curve. Also, you’ll find these pedals are loaded with a number of features. And more often than not this will impact the price. Make sure you pick one with the features you need, as well as one that comes at an affordable price.

Each pedal will produce a different sound effect from fuzz to tremolo. It’s important to know what sound you’re looking for before investing in the pedal, so buy the correct one that aligns with your playing preferences.

Looking for the right one can be pretty confusing. That’s why we put together a couple of recommendations for you. Hopefully there’s one that matches your needs.

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