The Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

All guitars need amplifiers to strengthen the input signal and deliver an output signal that’s better in sound quality and volume. So whether you’ve an electric guitar or a bass or acoustic type, an amp is one thing you can’t do without. However, there’s a difference in the type of amp required for different types of guitars. And that’s what eventually decides the quality of the music you get from your guitar.

While all amps serve the purpose of amplifying the sound, an acoustic guitar amp is distinctly different from other guitar amps, such as the electric guitar type, when it comes to performance. The functional difference between acoustic and other guitar amps is what you need to look out for when look at an amp for your guitar.

An acoustic guitar amp, unlike an electric guitar amp, doesn’t create sound; it merely reproduces the natural sound of the acoustic guitar as precisely as it can. The best acoustic guitar amplifier, therefore, will add subtleness and sophistication to the existing tone.  Here are a few acoustic guitar amps you can choose from.