The Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

All guitars need amplifiers to strengthen the input signal and deliver an output signal that’s better in sound quality and volume. So whether you’ve an electric guitar or a bass or acoustic type, an amp is one thing you can’t do without. However, there’s a difference in the type of amp required for different types of guitars. And that’s what eventually decides the quality of the music you get from your guitar.

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While all amps serve the purpose of amplifying the sound, an acoustic guitar amp is distinctly different from other guitar amps, such as the electric guitar type, when it comes to performance. The functional difference between acoustic and other guitar amps is what you need to look out for when look at an amp for your guitar.

An acoustic guitar amp, unlike an electric guitar amp, doesn’t create sound; it merely reproduces the natural sound of the acoustic guitar as precisely as it can. The best acoustic guitar amplifier, therefore, will add subtleness and sophistication to the existing tone.  Here are a few acoustic guitar amps you can choose from.


Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Quite reasonably priced, Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with 2 Channels, Digital Chorus and Reverb, has the Marshall brand mark to endorse its quality.


Several high-end features make this amp an excellent deal, worth every penny of its cost.

User-friendly amp

The ease of its use is one of the key advantages of the Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with 2 Channels, Digital Chorus and Reverb. It’s amazingly simple to handle and easy to operate.

Rich tone

The richness of the tone it delivers is something you’ll really love, which probably is the reason for the popularity of this best-selling device.

Quality components

Like all Marshal products, this has quality products to drive its performance quality. Its AS50D 2×8 combo includes 50 watts of power, 2 channels, and digital chorus with reverb.


Here’s a nice demo video from PMTVUK:

Things to look out for

One thing this amp is lacking is in a footswitch to turn the chorus and reverb. So if you’re used to working with a footswitch, you may find its absence somewhat irksome.


This beautiful looking amp is sturdy, with a classic finish, while at the same time providing excellent acoustic quality. Though this is a small and compact amp the result is outstandingly powerful.

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Fender Acoustasonic 15 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

This amp from Fender comes with an attractive price tag and an even more attractive range of features, which make this compact little device a breeze to use and a pleasure to own.


Its wide-ranging features make it a popular amp among acoustic guitar players and manufacturers.

Excellent design

The design of this amp is something you’ll find extremely difficult to resist. It has convenient dual front-panel inputs, including a standard standard ¼” jack for an instrument, besides an XLR input for a microphone.

High-frequency response

At 15 watts of volume, the specially designed 6” Fender speaker is crafted to deliver improved high-frequency response, which makes this amp perfect for silent practice.

Compatible and portable

If you love carrying your guitar with you, wherever you go, you can depend on Fender Acoustasonic 15 to be your ideal partner; it’s extremely lightweight and portable.

Flexible use

This is a highly versatile amp that can be easily adapted for use across a variety of basic and musical address systems, especially at small gatherings.


Here’s a nice demo video from Fender:

Things to look out for

If you’re using this device for personal guitar playing, you need to be careful about keeping the volume at low or medium levels. High volumes will lead to significant sound quality distortion. Eventually, however, this leads to an overall low volume effect.


This negative notwithstanding, the built-in chorus effect of the Acoustasonic 15 makes it an ideal option for an acoustic guitar, especially if you’re not expecting it to give you great bass response.

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Behringer Ultracoustic At108 Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Instrument Amplifier With Vtc-Technology

Versatility is the byword of the Behringer Ultracoustic At108, which is an extremely compact device designed to deliver affordable quality.


A host of amazing features makes this acoustic guitar amp a great experience for music lovers and guitar players alike.

Versatile functioning

A 2-way channel acoustic instrument amplifier makes this powerful 20-watt amp an extremely versatile device suited for all acoustic guitar amplification needs.

Wide range of frequency response

The amp is equipped with an 8-inch dual cone speaker which ensures a wide range of frequency response of the guitar. An additional microphone input is also provided through an independent volume control.

Tube-like sound quality

The VTC virtual tube circuitry of the amp enables your acoustic guitar to deliver the sound of the tube amp quality.

Here’s a nice demo video from Behringer:

Things to look out for

The absence of a battery pack means you can’t really carry it around with you out into the wilds, where there’s no power outlet.


The Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 does have some issues but none that are really a major cause of concern. With the excellent quality of its components and robust construction, it’s designed to last, without digging a big hole in your pocket and without being heavy to carry around. The fact that it also has a CD input is another factor in the favor of this amplifier.

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