The Best Tube Amp for Acoustic Guitar: Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D Reviewed!

Perfecting any musical instrument takes years of study and practice. The acoustic guitar is not exempted from this rule. From getting the perfect tone, playing the right rhythm and getting in sync with the music every step requires your fullest attention. As such, you need to have the best tube amp for acoustic guitar to help you hone your musical skills.

For almost half a decade, Marshall has been one of the most consistent providers of tube amps and other music-related products in the market. In this article, we review one of their best offering for acoustic guitarists- the Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D.

Marshall is known for gutsy and eccentric effects and tones that made them popular among blues lovers, metal heads and rockers. In other words, they target mostly group musicians. The AS50D is their own take to offer something for the mostly soloist acoustic musicians.

Their answer came in a 50-watt, 2×8 combo tube amps has two channels and digital reverb and chorus. It’s a pretty straightforward amplifier that has its own EQ, FX Loop, volume and DI output. Each channel also has its own base and treble knob.

It’s the perfect instrument to bring out the best sound quality of an acoustic guitar and even semi-hollow guitars. The tweeter was redesigned to bring crisp high and lows.

The idea of the two-channel design was so you can plug-in your guitar in one channel and a microphone or CD player on the other. This allows you to play the guitar and practice on your vocals at the same time.

The microphone channel is also surprisingly good for your vocals. It produces a natural clear sound that improves voice quality by some notches. Another huge plus is the device’s out-of-the-back feature power amplifiers. By simply putting fold-back legs to this instrument you can use it as a monitor.

This tube amp also has an anti-feedback feature that helps you get rid of unwanted feedback. It also comes with phase switch to reverse the phase and find the frequency which produces the best sound.

The chorus, depth and speed selector allows you to control the subtleness of the sound it produces. This is very useful if you want to experiment with different effects.

In terms of portability, the Marshall Acoustic Soloist is the perfect size to be carried around everywhere- from your home studio to small gigs. It weighs only 35.3 pounds and has the following dimensions: 21.34 inches x 16.38 inches x 10.28 inches.

Because of its size, you can easily transport it in between your home studio, performances and events.

Whether you are playing a steel string or a nylon string guitar, this amp produces fantastic sounds. Comparatively, it sounds perfectly neutral as to when you play your guitar unplugged.

If you are part of a band, the amp still provides enough sound volume for it to be heard along with other instruments. The sound does not overpower and also compliments almost any range.

Because of its auxiliary inputs, especially the MP3 input, you can always use it without having to disturb your next door neighbors.

Below is the summary of this tube amp’s features:

  • Versatile two channel design for vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Each channel has its own EQ, FX loop, DI output and volume controls
  • Channel assignable chorus
  • Anti-feedback notch filter

While tube technology may have been around for a century, the quality of sound it produces is by no means inferior to its digital counterpart.

Despite having numerous positive things about it, the Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D also has a few weaknesses. For instance, there are instances that it the sounds ‘colored’ with a few buzzing noise arising on the background. The challenge is really tuning it to get the tone that you want.

Here are the pros and cons of this tube amp:


  • Easy to use and works with every type of acoustic guitar
  • Excellent sound whether it’s for the guitar or vocals
  • Very portable and weigh s less than most amplifier
  • Good power output


  • Lacks auxiliary input for mobile devices like iPhone, Android
  • Doesn’t have mid tone control

If there is one bottom line about this instrument, it boils down to the intuitive controls that emphasizes on sound quality. Marshall did not pile up on multiplicity of features that users may never use. Instead, they focus only on things that enrich the characteristics only an acoustic guitar can produce.

Who Should Buy the Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D?

The Marshall AS50D is perfect for solo artists who want to improve their guitar and vocal skills at the same time. It’s very easy to use that even beginners can easily appreciate its multi-functionality. Tuning and selecting the right setting is also a breeze.

Even if you are part of a band, you will also appreciate the way this amp was package. Sound-wise it has a very clear and concise volume that doesn’t get underpowered by other musical instruments. This is perfect for jamming sessions and other small gigs.

The Marshall MG101CFX is also a great alternative to larger 100-watt amps that are relatively more expensive. If you are looking for a tube amp starter kit that can help you get familiarize in playing acoustic guitar using an amplifier, this instrument can sure you the ropes.


Acoustic guitars produce natural sounds that are perfect to lift the mood of anyone who hears it. While perfecting this instrument takes time, it’s one of the musical experiences that anyone can easily appreciate.

The Marshall AS50D is one of the few amps that can duplicate the natural sound of acoustic guitar. It amplifies the sound without interfering with its quality and tone. Doing so, you give it a very hones sound that has great resonance and smooth flow between keys.

We recommend this amplifier to any artists who plays guitar and sings at the same time or a duo of singer and guitarists. With all its features centered on improving the sound experience, you will surely be satisfied about the many things this amp can do.

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