Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal

Do you love your blues music? Do you strive to capture the feel of the raw, honest emotion that’s so integral to the rhythm of the blues? Have you been using a pedal that’s just not up to the task? Do you yearn to create fabulous blues dance music with a killer beat or to add just a hint of dirt to the tone?

Don’t despair! is ideal for you. You can achieve great harmonies, create a great fast beat and infuse your music with all your passion. Want to know more? Let’s explore some of this product’s super features.

Classic “Blues’ Guitar Tones with Tube Amp Simulation

Get maximum power out of your amps with this fabulous tube simulator. Turn up the heat and get yourself in the mood to pull some spirit moves. Emphasize all the warm, mellower tones of classic blues with these stellar tone controls. Enjoy the wonderful softer tone of the overdrive too. Get this pedal on your board and drive your way straight to the blues dancehall of your own imagination today.

Warm Distortion and Overdrive

Create awesome warm distortion that’s sure to take you back to the golden days of analogue recording. Produce that beautiful deep sound traditional processors and ribbon mics afforded in the 1950s. Master your own beat and use the overdrive to help you make some truly soulful, harmonic music.

Ultra-Responsive to Nuance and Volume Changes

Get the most out of your sounds and enjoy the naturally fuller bottom end of the blues. Enhance the distortions to add loads of color to your tone. The ultra-responsive Boss BD2 will bend to your each and every musical whim. You’ll never miss out on the brighter tone of your music again. If you want, you can capture all those minuscule sounds that can make all the difference and breathe fresh life into your music as you strum away.

If all that’s not enough for you, this pedal also comes with 9V battery operation included and a BOSS five-year warranty. Awesome, right?

Still a bit skeptical? Let’s dive into some of the customer reviews.

What do People Think?

The BD-2 Blues Driver has proven to be a big hit with Amazon reviewers. The blues tones have gone down particularly well, with one 5-star reviewer writing that it’s a must-have for any board and gives “some great blues tones.” Another said that this pedal very diverse and had “wonderful soft overdrive” and lovely tones.

In total there are 90 customer reviews, with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. Not too shabby, right?

One person, who left a 3-star review, said he “expected better quality.” However, at a very affordable price, this is still an absolutely perfect blues pedal for enthusiastic amateurs who share a passion for this timeless musical tradition.

I would be 100% happy to recommend this product.


We’ve talked about this pedal’s warm distortion, glorious bluesy tones and super responsive controls. So what are you waiting for?  Order your Boss BD-2 Blues Driver today, and get down to creating your very own rhythm-y blues!