3 Top Power Amplifiers Reviewed

Without power, the world would be plunged into darkness. But power can’t always be used effectively in its pure and original form. More often than not, it needs to be amplified for its effective utilization. It’s actually just an electronic device capable of augmenting the power signal. It functions by drawing power from a power supply and then amplifying it in such a way that the output matches the original shape of the inputs but with increased amplitude.

Power amplifiers come in the form of both, devices and electric circuits contained in other devices. Here’s a review of some of the best power amplifiers available online for you to make your choice.

Gemini XGA-3000 Professional Power Ampliflier (3000W)

The Gemini XGA-3000 Professional Power Ampflier (3000W) offers the advantage of being able to drive professional loudspeakers, and that too without clipping. The 3000 Watt IPP high power output of the Gemini is only one of its exemplary features. There are a host of others that make it an exciting and useful power amp.


The features of the Gemini XA-3000 include a wide range of the essential and the extras, which, together, make it a highly rated device.

• High level of thermal reliability
You’ll find this power amplifier equipped with excellent thermal stability, ensuring 100% reliability, thanks to its cooling fan and also the air circulation going from the front to the rear.

• Low and balanced noise
All electrical gadgets make noise, but it’s important that your power amplifier doesn’t make excessive noise. This one has a stereo and mono bridge, backed by the constant speed of the fan ensuring low noise levels.

• Clear indicators
The front panel indicators are quite comprehensive and include clip, protect, signal and bridge. There are 3 speak-on outputs for channels A/B/Bridge, with 5-way banana plug channel outputs also built in.

• Enhanced security
With a bridge control switch and DC output, as well as short circuit protection, the security aspect of this power amplifier is among the best. It also has an additional ground lift switch.

Low harmonic distortion

The harmonic distortion is less than 0.1% with input sensitivity and impedance of 0.77V.

Things to look out for

The amplifier runs full power continuously, which makes it quite unsuitable for use at home.


The Gemini XA-3000 is meant to be a professional power amplifier and hence should be used as such. As long as you don’t expect anything else from it, such as home use, you’re quite good to go.

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GTD Audio 2 Channel 3000 Watts 2U Stereo Professional Power Amplifier AMP

Another good choice when it comes to purchasing a professional power amplifier is the GTD Audio 2 Channel 3000 Watts 2U Stereo Professional Power Amplifier AMP, which is designed to deliver output power across a wide range. It has a good frequency response range of 45Hz – 15kHz.


Among the key features of this power amplifier are:

• Power output range
You can get a power output of 400 Watts (2 x 200) @ 8 Ohms RMS to 2 x 350 Watts @ 4 Ohms RMS and 3000 Watts Peak, making it quite a versatile device.

• Balanced inputs
The built-in Speakon and Banana binding post outputs, with XLR, ¼” (6.5mm Jack) balanced Inputs give this amplifier an excellent quality edge, which few power amps in this range can boast of.

• Great cooling facility
With dual cooling fans, this power amplifier boasts of excellent cooling quality, which is enhanced by the front to real air circulation. So there’s no real danger of the device heating up excessively and ending up being rendered useless.

Things to look out for

Of course, like any other gadget this one also has a few issues of concern. Some customers have complained of the output sound seeming to be somewhat strained.


On the whole, the crystal clear output it delivers makes the GTD Audio Q3000 one of the best professional power amplifiers, ideal for professional musicians and DJs. It’s really a great deal considering the price it comes for.

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Pyle Home PTAU45 Mini 2×120 Watt MAX Stereo Power Amplifier with USB/CD/AUX Inputs

The Pyle power amplifier also makes for a great piece of equipment in a good price category. Its near perfect features constitute the USP of this power amplifier, which, unlike the other two discussed above, is basically a home power amplifier that you can use to power any stereo system.


Just a glance at its interesting features is enough to understand why this power amplifier is so popular.

• Awesome display
You won’t find many home power amplifiers look as good as this one does. It has a blue LED output level display with a power ON LED indicator to make things easier for you when you start using it.

• Quality volume control
Mic volume control is complemented by a USB reader function, a 1/4” Phone Jack and a 3.5mm Aux CD/MP3 Input Jack. There’s also a master volume control for balance control, as well as controlling the bass and treble tones.

• Input-output balance
The balance between the input and output is well maintained with a switchable AUX1/AUX2/CD/USB Input and an RCA REC output. This means it works extremely well for karaoke. The harmonic distortion of this power amp is quite low too.

Things to look out for

Don’t even think of using this power amplifier for professional purposes. It’s bound to let you down, leaving you embarrassed. It’s not at all a professional power amplifier and is only advised by consumers to be used for home stereo systems.


With bass and treble controls, this extremely simple to use power amplifier delivers musical quality of the highest order through the use of premium components and an extremely sophisticated circuitry. What’s more, it’s compact too.

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