The Best Record Player Stands in 2021 For Every Budget

The use of vinyl records and record players has recently become more and more popular in the music world. When purchasing records and turntables, it is important for people to manage their record storage and organization. Though they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and styles, finding the right record player stand for you is a good step to becoming an avid record listener and collector. 

What exactly is a record player stand?

Very simply put, it is used to hold a turntable, as well as store some records. More often than not, the record player is put on top of the stand, as if resting on a table, and the record storage is put underneath on a few shelves or storage racks, allowing them to properly stand upright and for the spines to face out for easy access. 

It comes in all sizes. Some of them have more storage than others, made for those with a larger vinyl collection. In other cases, the top of the stand may be larger, or there may be cut outs to provide a place to put your speakers. No matter the size, there’s a stand that will work for any type of speakers and audio set up. 

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook this idea. Even though there is a simplicity to it, it is important for proper storage and functioning of your record player. Allowing for a space for a turntable will provide room for things such as a dust cover and cleaning supplies. Not only this, but records will be properly stored in the stand, preventing them from warping anywhere else. 

In this article I will share my thoughts on how to choose the best one no matter if you have a limited budget or not. There are plenty of options in market depending on your bugdet and functionality needs.

Different styles

Like any furniture, there are many different styles and options. Adding a turntable to the decor of your home provides a new opportunity to express oneself throughout a stylish element. 

At more modern vintage stores, such as Urban Outfitters, there are many choices for vintage looking options. A lot of the vintage stands are made from metal or brass, having a top shelf for the turntable, a middle shelf for storage or small decor, as well as a bottom shelf with indentations for easy upright record storage. 

Other stands, found on other furniture websites such as Wayfair, offer simplistic and modern style. Some of these are integrated into pieces of furniture, such as being a nightstand with an extra shelf for a turntable and vinyl under a classic nightstand top. At places like Kohls or, there are simplistic and modern options that are made up of just two basic shelves. On the top, a record player can be placed down, and on the bottom shelf, records can be leaned against the side. 

At other shops, the classic vintage antique style may be emulated into it. In the 1970s, there was a surge of popularity in records, record players, and their stands. This being said, with the resurgence of the audio medium, these styles are coming back. Paneled wood, brass detailing, and even built-in speakers are all things that were very popular then, and finding an old, antique stand will allow the channeling of that decade. 

How to choose the most suitable?

Since your it is going to be a large addition to your home and daily life, it is important to understand personal styles, tastes, and what is needed out of the new piece of furniture to decide which one to buy. 

To start, assessing the room and area where your turntable and vinyl records will be is the most important. If it is going in a tight place, like a kitchen or hallway, it may be useful to get a smaller one, maybe made out of metal or brass, in order to keep it out of the way and keep it tightly packed. If it is going into the living room or dining room, where it is going to be more of a focal point of the room, a bigger one, even made out of wood or thicker metal, can become a staple of the room and stand out. 

Either way, in any room, the style of the room, decor, wall paint colors, and other furniture inside of it will be important to assess. Some stands can get pretty eccentric, being crazy colors or having crazy textures and detailing. Though they are all pretty and useful, they may not fit nicely within the aesthetics of the room it will be a part of. If you are unsure of the style of a room, a dark wood style is a simple choice that matches with almost everything. 

It also needs to be compared to things such as the size of your collection or your dedication to the turntable and using it. While many of them are small, there are larger setups offered, giving more room for more vinyl, some decor space, or room for speakers. Some of it even has dual functions, such as being a nightstand, as mentioned earlier, or a TV stand. Comin gin all different sizes with all different types of features and storage, this piece of furniture should function to best serve what you need. 

Useful for anyone

Whether you are just beginning your journey into vinyl and turntables or continuing a lifelong collection and hobby, a turntable stand is something you can utilize. Providing a designated space for you record player, vinyl collection, speakers, and other things such as record cleaners or extra needles. Exploring the options, assessing your needs, and choosing the best option for you may be difficult or confusing, but finding the one for you will make your experience much more enjoyable.

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