Bugera v5 Infinium Reviewed!

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip back to the ‘60s every once in a while? Sure, you could achieve that by listening to all sorts of songs that were popular in that era. But, what’s even better is that you could recreate this vintage music with just the right tube amplifier.

A great candidate for this role would be the Bugera V5 5-watt amplifier. Not only will its classic design bring nostalgic vibes to your room, but a lot of people were fans of its performance. So, are you ready to take a look at its incredible features?

bugera v5 infinium

‘60s-Inspired Practice Amplifier

One of the best things about the Bugera V5 is that it combines several qualities in such a compact unit. 

For starters, it’s equipped with a single EL84 power tube that connects to a 12AX7 preamp tube. As a result, you can expect a spectrum of sounds that every ‘60s lover would appreciate.

The Bugera V5 shines most in the Blues region, according to those who tried it. Also, the amplifier does a decent job of mimicking the sound that gets out of a vintage Fender Champ. Pretty impressive, right?

Even better, the amplifier works seamlessly as a practice unit, especially with its affordable price and small footprint. The single-speaker unit can fit perfectly in your bedroom or dorm. And, thanks to its 5-watt volume, it won’t produce so much sound to disturb your neighbors.

However, the Bugera V5 won’t be suitable for a live gig because of its little size and power. That’s by no means a drawback, though, since this amplifier is marketed as a practice amp.

Outfitted With the Infinium Tube Life Multiplier

If you’re wondering what the Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology can add to your experience, we’d be glad to educate you.

This impressive system helps your amplifier last longer by introducing a few features you’ll likely admire. For instance, it comes with a LED light indicator that gives you a signal when your tubes need to be replaced with newer ones.

It’s also easy to fall in love with the compact 1×8” Turbosound speaker, which is engineered in Britain. You could control the sound output with a few turns of the available knobs. The amp lets you adjust gain, tone, and volume, not to mention that it has a built-in reverb effect.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the unit has a headphone jack on the back. This way, you can practice for long hours into the night without disturbing your roommates. Just make sure to pair some solid headphones with the amp to get the best results.

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  • 5 watts
  • Dimensions: 13.94 x 8.62 x 14.02 inches
  • EL84 and 12AX7 tubes
  • 1×8” Turbosound speaker
  • Item weight: 22 pounds


Aside from the desirable tube sounds that the Bugera V5 can give you, there are many things to admire about this amp. Our number one favorite aspect of this amp is that it comes with a nice mixture of affordability, durability, and solid performance.

Another cool feature that has earned this unit a lot of attention is its wattage attenuator. This little buddy allows you to attenuate the amplifier to a single watt or even 0.1 watts. In other words, you’ll get to control the amount of crunch and tube breakup at any given volume.

Better yet, the controls are a breeze to use, so it’s a huge plus if you’re a beginner. All you’ll have to do is adjust the gain, volume, and tone settings. Then, you could practice playing your favorite songs or guitar riffs.

Even experienced musicians might take a liking to this amplifier as well. It’s small enough and convenient for a quick at-home solo practice session.

The headphone jack is another welcome gift if you ask us. It’ll allow you the freedom to play your music whenever and wherever you want to as long as you use the right pair of headphones.


Fortunately, the Bugera V5 amplifier has almost no bad points, unless you’re looking for an amp for a live performance. As we’ve already mentioned, this little buddy is only intended as a practice amp. So, it won’t be of much help if you were to use it on a larger scale.

Plus, you won’t find an FX loop on this amplifier. Sure, it isn’t a deal-breaker, but this feature could’ve enhanced the performance a good deal.

What Customer Reviews Say

The Bugera V5 amplifier currently has 175 reviews on Amazon, the majority of which are positive. To make the picture clearer, 70% of those ratings are 5 stars, while only 1% of them are 1 star. Obviously, that’s an amazing ratio!

A lot of reviewers commented on the incredible sound that this amplifier produces. They liked how easy it was to go from clean to crunch using the simple controls.

Others thought it came with a great value for the price, which can’t be said for other options on the market.

Yet, what everyone seemed to admire most is the wattage attenuator. Users complimented the speaker’s volume even at 1 watt of power, saying that it was louder than they’d initially thought.

All in all, there were almost no complaints about the Bugera V5 as a practice amplifier. To everyone’s delight, it seems to do its job according to the description.


Beautiful, sturdy, and equipped with awesome features, the Bugera V5 Infinium Amplifier could be your ticket to the ‘60s. Even better, it’s one of the most affordable options out there, making it suitable for beginners or those on tight budgets.

With a Turbosound speaker, wattage attenuator, and built-in reverb, you should get maximum control over the produced sound. Better still, Bugera V5 features EL84 and 12AX7 tubes to give you these dark tones that are often associated with the music of the ‘60s.

So, if you’re ready to take your love of vintage music to the next level without breaking the bank, we suggest you give Bugera V5 a shot.

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