Xtonebox Silver 6011 Tube Amp Review

Amplifiers are electronic devices that boost the voltage and current of a signal. They’re used in audio equipment of all types.

One amplifier that recently caught my attention is the XTonebox Silver 6011. It combines the vintage sound of the past with today’s high-tech first-rate features.

In my XTonebox Silver 6011 review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Integrated amplifier. This review is meant for all music lovers, especially those who appreciate the sound of classic vinyl records.

So if you’re into vintage and natural sounds, read on to find out more about this fine piece of equipment.

XTonebox Silver 6011 Best 4 Features

Designed in Galicia, Spain by Francisco J. Pastoriza Abeijon, this integrated amplifier has a cool, classic finish. The enclosure is made with real wood and is crafted by hand, giving it a vintage feel.

Here are the top 4 features of the Silver 6011.

Great Sound Quality

The XTonebox amplifier has many striking features. I was especially impressed with its sound, which is natural and authentic without any of the harshness typically found in amplifiers.

The most important feature of this amplifier is its warm and defined sound. When you combine it with any of your devices, you get a fantastic vintage sound with a clean, sharp performance.

The Silver 6011 amplifier has a delayed response on the ‘Power On’ circuit. This delay helps protect the speakers from any possible spikes that may take place.

Class-D Power

Compared with power, or basic, amplifiers, the Silver 6011 is integrated. Integrated amplifiers contain both audio preamplifier and a basic amplifier in one unit. This boosts its practicality and gives a much finer sound output. 

The XTonebox is powered by a Class-D power stage that tunes and perfects every sound. The Class-D design provides greater power efficiency and a finer audio performance. It operates using small power transformers. This decreases the size of the interior space and lessens the weight of the unit as a whole.

Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX

One of its best features is its high definition Bluetooth v4.0 feature with Qualcomm aptX. This means you can connect the XTonebox to any device that has Bluetooth v4.0 or higher.

The Qualcomm aptX technology ensures that the audio is 24-bit music quality, instead of the traditional 16-bit audio. The more bits, the higher the sound quality and dynamic range of your audio output.

Qualcomm provides this amplifier with the best Bluetooth wireless technology available. This feature helps preserve the sound data through the audio transmission, so you get a ‘better-than-CD’ listening experience.

The aptX high definition enables 24-bit music quality over a Bluetooth wireless connection. This is what gives your wireless Bluetooth-enabled device the ability to deliver high definition audio.

2 Auxiliary Inputs

These inputs allow you to connect various devices to your Silver 6011. You can connect game consoles, televisions, DVDs, and more.

A great feature of these inputs is their high-quality connectors. These connectors are solid and heavy gold-plated connectors. They ensure that you’ll have the best connection possible, without the risk of anything becoming loose or falling off.

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XTonebox Silver 6011 Technical Specs

  • Weighs 6.8 pounds (3 kg)
  • Dimensions are 16 × 8.27 × 5 inches (41 × 21 × 12.7 cm)
  • Integrated amplifier
  • High definition Bluetooth v4.0 with Qualcomm aptX
  • Handcrafted read wood cabinet enclosure
  • 2 auxiliary input ports for analog audio reproduction
  • Made with high-quality electronic parts
  • Power output of 35W + 35W (8 ohms)
  • The power amplifier is Class-D technology
  • Internal high-grade power supply

Pros and Cons of the Silver 6011

Designed with the best materials and electrical components, the XTonebox Silver 6011 delivers the finest sounds. While I’m very happy with the look and feel of this unit, there are a couple of things I wish XTonebox could’ve done to make the Silver 6011 stand out even more.

Here are some of the things I liked in this XTonebox integrated amplifier, as well as those that I didn’t really for.


One of its best advantages is its excellent sound performance. The Silver 6011 is an integrated amplifier made with high-quality electric components. For better sound control, this amplifier has both bass and treble controls.

It has 2 aux inputs for connecting any device you want, such as your CD player, multimedia devices, TV, DVD, or game consoles. You’ll find a Bluetooth v4.0 feature that connects wirelessly with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

Its beautiful wood exterior finish is uniquely designed and handmade. The wood is strong and shock-resistant. Each unit has an exclusive look to it because the natural wood grain is random. This gives every single Silver 6011 unit a unique design.


On powering up the Silver 6011 for the first time, some customers complained of no sounds coming from the unit. Other users said their unit required adjustments to be able to function properly on the American power grid.

How Customers Feel about the XTonebox Silver 6011

Many people who’ve tried this integrated amplifier, myself included, are pleased with its overall performance. They feel that it gives them options to control the sound quality. Plus, they’re impressed with the sound and look of this amplifier.

The few users who reviewed the Silver 6011 all gave it 5 stars. Let’s find out what they had to say.

One user raved about the Bluetooth and the 2 aux inputs. She was pleased with the sound quality as the music on her phone was playing. Having those 2 aux analog inputs was also one of the features she appreciated on the Silver 6011.

Another XTonebox fan was happy with the exterior finishing. He was impressed with how the real wood enclosure gives this amp a retro look. He was very happy with the purchase.

One excited audiophile was pleased with its modern technology and top-notch sound quality, calling it “first-rate”.


XTonebox is a company with a mission. It aims to provide its customers with elegant aesthetically-pleasing products. But they don’t stop at creating beautiful-looking units. They also pay close attention to the details on the inside.

The Silver 6011 is one example. It has a sleek wood exterior. Yet it also achieves the quality of a top-notch electronic design that XTonebox is famous for. Plus, it gives off a pure and crisp sound performance.

I hope my XTonebox Silver 6011 review shed some light on this powerful, yet sleek, amplifier.

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