Vox ToneLab ST Review

Compact and easy to use, the Vox ToneLab ST Valvetronix Guitar Amp Modeling Processor is both versatile and portable, so it is perfect for musicians on the go to use when they are traveling from live performance to live performance. This system, with its sophisticated design and features, offers many different tone shaping options to produce a variety of different types of sound and effects.

Vox ToneLab ST

A Brief Introduction

The Vox ToneLab ST, priced new at around $200, is perfect for computer editing and recording,. As it comes with a USB outlet as well as sound management PC software. It includes an autochromatic tuner and a wide range of different sounds and effects. The 20 popular song programs already included in the presets lend to this system’s ability to produce professional quality sound and tone.

Features Vox ToneLab ST

  • 12 AX7 vacuum tube included
  • 25 effects
  • Direct visual editing
  • 33 amp models spanning a wide range of sounds
  • 11 cabinet models

Vox ToneLab ST

Pros and Cons

The Vox ToneLab ST holds 100 programs in its memory, made of both factory presets and user created presets, and comes with no menus. So using this system is extremely simple. However, the expression pedal is small and takes awhile for new users to get used to. And its capabilities might be limiting for live performances (depending on your needs). Additionally, there is no way to access stored presets directly and the small size of this model makes it less flexible as other, larger models.

Vox ToneLab ST

Thoughts from Owners

Some owners of the Vox Tonelab ST do not find this system practical for use in live performances and find it seems to be more suited for practicing. They also find it does not offer enough customizability. And that the noise redactor is not up to par as far as quality is concerned. Owners like how sturdily this compact processor is built, and how it produces authentic and quality tones.

The Vox ToneLab ST Produces Quality Sound

It produces a much fuller sound than its competition. And comes equipped with quality realistic tube sounds and an aux in jack, making it even more accessible for users to get the sound they’re trying to achieve. It is a user friendly system, with downloadable software available from Vox that makes sound management from your home computer even easier.

The Vox ToneLab ST is a great value for its low price as one of the least expensive processors in its class. Made just for artists who need to take their equipment on the go and who spend a lot of time traveling. This model works well and is durable so it will definitely hold up well over time. If you are a musician who is looking for an affordable, compact option for sound processing, consider the Vox ToneLab ST to suit all your effect needs.

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