Maxon OD808 Review

For smooth, natural overdrive sound, the Maxon OD808 Overdrive Pedal follows the time tested tradition of the product musicians have used and loved for years. Built to last and 100% analog, the Maxon OD808 is durable and solidly constructed. It may only have the basic options, but it offers limitless flexibility within these options and will become a staple for any musician.

Maxon OD808

A Brief Introduction

Priced new at $149, the Maxon OD808 offers a versatile tone for many different kinds of sounds and is the most used overdrive circuit of all time. In this reissue of the classic model, the positions of the output resistors were reversed and their values were increased to reduce noise levels, making this an even better version of the original which much less static electricity build up.


  • Tone, drive, and level controls
  • Smooth, natural overdrive sound
  • Very easy to use
  • Durable and built to last
  • Can be used for playing music of almost any genre

Maxon OD808

Pros and Cons

The Maxon OD808 adds a subtle tube tone to a high gain distortion channel and requires almost no support as it is so well constructed and easy to use. It is compact and easy to transport for musicians on the go. And has a great look that is unique and will continue to look new for a long time. However, its simplicity can be seen by some as limiting, and there is a slight low end sound loss when engaged.

Maxon OD808

Thoughts from Owners

Owners of the Maxon OD808 find that it is extremely easy to dial in to exactly the sound they are looking for. And some consider it to be the best overdrive pedal they have ever played. Owners are surprised by how much range they find with this pedal. And love how easy it is to use and how well it is built. Additionally, owners love how it sounds, especially when they add a boost from their other equipment.

A Reissue of an Old Standard

The Mason OD808 is one of the best overdrive pedals available. And is ready to go right out of the box because it is such a simple to use product. It is great for both on the road performances and for recording,. And will boost your town and work like a preamp. Best of all, same company made the original model and Mason OD808. So it is truly the same product made famous by some of the greatest musicians of our time.

Sometimes, no matter what developments may happen in technology. The original is still the best. And this is certainly the case with the Mason OD808. It is a well worth the money and a great investment with its durable and sturdy metal casing and can even boost an already overdriven amp. For musicians who are looking for a way to add increased gain while preserving the sound of the amplifier. The Mason OD808 is a great choice.

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