Long-awaited multimedia guitar amplifier Positive Grid Spark

Positive Grid Spark is a small 40-watt amplifier. The amplifier is universal – it can be used with basses, electric guitars, and acoustic instruments.
Spark is translated as Spark in English, and this novelty is predicted to be the killer of Yamaha THR because Positive Grid has ten times more powerful functions at a much lower price.

Positive Grid Spark


Firstly, the design of Spark looks very stylish and solid, just like any other Positive Grid product. The controls are similar to the THR except there is no tuner, and the modulation, delay, and reverb effects are controlled by separate knobs.
Positive Grid BIAS Tone Engine built this device, which simulates the work of various devices and effects. Secondly, the creators point out that guitarists will get the kind of guitar sound they want from Spark – the engine’s capabilities cover almost any style of music and sound character. Thanks to the BIAS Tone Engine, the amplifier can simulate the sound of almost any real device.

Positive Grid Spark


At the center of the unit are two specially designed speakers and a bass port, promising deep bass sound and clarity and clarity in the upper range. Guitar players can freely customize Spark’s sound with bass, midrange, and treble controls. The Spark also features buttons that control modulation, delay, and reverb effects as well as one of the four presets that are loaded into the amp’s memory.

Positive Grid Spark works in conjunction with the Spark app which gives you access to the amp’s settings and the ToneCloud. The latter contains over 10,000 presets created by guitarists from around the world using BIAS FX and BIAS AMP emulators. Also, users can download any preset from the ToneCloud catalog, or they can create their own set of settings – the process is almost similar to working with Positive Grid guitar emulators.

Positive Grid Spark

Positive Grid Spark App

The company notes that the amplifier and the app communicate via Bluetooth. and the guitarist can stream music to the device. According to the creators, such a feature will come in handy for rehearsals to minus. The app also has a chord identification feature. The app connects to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music. And analyzes music, displaying chords and arpeggios on a smartphone screen in real-time. Finally, artificial intelligence and machine learning functions learn the guitarist’s playing, generating real-time bass and percussion accompaniment.
You can control the amplifier by voice commands. Of course, it’s not the combo itself that receives the commands. But a smartphone or tablet that controls the amp over the air.

The Smart Jam app, which is going to appear on AppStore and Google Play soon. But is still undergoing moderation, which will allow you to create a virtual rhythm section. Like the one implemented in the Digitech Trio pedal, adjusting to your harmony and style.

Besides, you can use Positive Grid Spark as a USB audio interface for recording to your computer. The combo comes with free PreSonus Studio One Prime license software.

Positive Grid Spark allows you to download images of amps and primates from the Tone Cloud. As of today this library already contains over 10 000 images. Images created in Positive Grid Bias Amp Bias Pedal applications. Including those using Tone Matching cloning, get into the Tone Cloud.

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