DigiTech DSB Blues Overdrive Analog Distortion Pedal


Are you looking for a distortion pedal that responds to your unique playing dynamics? Are you aiming to produce a warm subtle blues-y tone, as if you’re playing through a vintage tube amplifier? Do you want to go wild and take it to the max to get rich harmonics and make your guitar scream? Still looking for an overdrive pedal with great versatility which can suit your every mood?

Great news. You need look no further. The DigiTech DSB Blues Overdrive Analog Distortion Pedal may be just the one you’ve been searching for. Want to find out more about this amazing product?  Let’s take a closer look at some of the great qualities of the DitgiTech DSB.

Super Responsive Level and Gain Controls


This feature gives you the freedom to use a light touch and get subtle crunchy overdrive or to crank the gain up to really make some noise, whilst still keeping the rich harmonics of your guitar and amp. These controls are second to none and will let you get down and dirty. The best part? You get to decide just how dirty you want to sound.

Fantastic High and Low Tone Controls and Rugged Design

Apart from looking really cool with its rough-and-ready rugged design, this pedal has fabulous high and low tone controls. Cut out the lower bass tones by setting it low, set it higher to cut out the trebly frequencies. Choose to croon away in the old music hall tradition or to make your instrument wail and nail awesome high notes and really make some noise with this stomp box.

Dual Outputs

You get great variety with this stomp box. It has both Amp output and Mixer controls. The mixer output includes Cabinet Emulation Circuity which lets you connect directly to a recording device or mixing more. This fantastic overdrive pedal gives you a huge amount of creative control so use it to play the music only you can create, blues or otherwise.

It also comes with a 9V alkaline dry battery included.

Still undecided? Let’s take a look at what some reviewers thought.

What do People Think?

This distortion pedal has made a good impression on Amazon reviewers. The overdrive and tone controls in particular have struck a good chord. One 5-star reviewer wrote that the pedal “offers a variety of tones” and is “easy to set up”.  Another said it “has a really good sound.” In total there are 27 reviews, with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. Pretty good, right?

One reviewer, who left a 3-star review, said that they “couldn’t hear my guitar at all through my amp.” If you connect the pedal directly to your mixer board or never turn the pedal off, you’ll be free to play away for as long as you like though. That can’t be bad, can it?

I would be 100% happy to recommend this product.


Today, we’ve highlighted a few of the first-rate features of this distortion pedal, from the rugged, cool-looking design, the responsive level and gain controls and the quality tone controls through to the dual outputs which allow you to be extra-creative with how you color your sound. Go ahead and buy it now at Amazon.com to play music that’s unique to you.