Boss ME-25 Review

Easy to transport and user friendly. The Boss ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal will produce almost unlimited variations of sound for a great price. Thanks to backlit buttons and large LED panels, all the pedals and knobs are easy to see and access. Especially during performances. Small and compact, the Boss ME-25 is easy to transport and easy for anyone to use right out of the box.

Boss ME-25

A Brief Introduction

Priced new at a couple hundred dollars, the Boss ME-25 comes with a DVD providing over 100 audio loops and a USB port, making it easy to record and edit right from any computer. It also comes equipped with the COSM feature, or Composite Object Sound Modeling, which can recreate the sound of classical musical instruments and effect. This pedal can be used with any amplifier to increase the sound and Boss provides great customer support to all owners of this product.

Features Of The Boss ME-25

  • 38 second looper
  • Built in expression pedal
  • 3 heavy duty footswitches
  • Operates with six AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Comes equipped with EZ Tone feature

Boss ME-25

Thoughts from Owners Boss ME-25

Owners of the Boss ME-25 love the loop recording ability and the boost and sole buttons. Owners also love the variety of sounds they can get from this pedal and find the sound stack and solo features to be especially great. However, they would like to be able to make more changes on the fly in a simpler way, and they advise others to adjust their settings before performances and to use their computers to edit patches.

Many Options for a Great Price

The Boss ME-25 comes with Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE software, making it even easier to edit music made with the pedal from a computer. Many overdrives and effects are available with this unit, and it is reliable and versatile. Fantastic for either use in a live performance or in the recording studio. Musicians will spend less time programming their equipment and more time playing it.

The Boss ME-25 is a great option for musicians looking for a way to access a lot of effects for a reasonable price, and it is well worth the money spent. It is easy to find a good tone and save it for later use. And the included librarian software makes it even easier to map out a gig before the performance. For musicians seeking a way to have all the effects they want in one compact pedal with unique presets included. The Boss ME-25 is their answer.

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