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Do you love recording music but feel you’re not hearing the natural tones? Or do you simply want an amp that isolates different musical notes to produce better clarity in sounds?  Whatever your music needs a proper bedroom amp is the solution. I want to help you find the best bedroom amp for your needs. When you explore each one you can get an idea of which one is best for your unique setup.

Pignose Legendary 7-100 Tweed Portable Amplifier

This product is said to be the solution to all bedroom amplifier needs. It has the full effects of a stereo system but is extremely portable.

Guitarists can listen to their different chords in isolation. This will help them to pinpoint exactly what is not delivering the tunes they want.

This amplifier has the look and musical elements of the Pignose classic design. The only major design difference is it’s covered in tweed. This fabric gives the amp a modern hipster look.

The amp comes complete with a pig snout on and off button & volume control. The case opens for full access to the inside components.

A preamp out jack is built with the unit to plug it into an external power amp, PA or recording console. The amp offers little to none distortions.


  • User friendly
  • Strong power output
  • Lightweight so you can carry it everywhere and listen to your music


  • The amp offers only a few functions
  • The battery holder is not secure, which doesn’t make them power the unit consistently
  • The AC adapter in combination with the weak battery pack doesn’t produce powerful sounds

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VOX V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo

The 6.5’’ speaker is so powerful it can emit 10W of pure sounds. There is a clean or overdrive switch which converts the music from a clean and chimed filled tone to a creamy warm VOX signature distortion.

Thought-out features include

  • Volume and gain controls: These controls make adjustments easier to find a quality volume suitable for you
  • Treble and Bass EQ knobs: These knobs give you greater range of tones
  • Line or headphone process output: Makes it possible for you to practice at night without disturbing others around you.

The best uses for this amp include

  • Home stereo
  • Practice with instruments
  • Amateur recording
  • Parties


  • The amp can produce various sounds
  • The overdrive is more powerful than what you expect from a small amp
  • All sounds are crisp


  • The amp can produce a static noise
  • Not ideal for professionals
  • The amp is not long lasting

Blackstar HT-5R 5-Watt 1×12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp with Reverb

This Blackstar amp is designed to be a perfect addition to a recording studio system. You experience all the rich tones you need to make your recording session result in successful end products.

The amp features the award winning HT valve pedals. You can switch between the two channels with the footswitch.

The interactive control allows you to make adjustments to the bass, middle and treble to create a unique sound. You can also control all vocals needed to produce a distinct audio feed for you.

The amp produces the same consistency and quality as a 100W unit but in a lower volume. This makes it perfect to record or practice in your bedroom. All sounds are enriched even at the lowest volume.


  • Very loud for home use and practice
  • Startup is easy
  • The different volume controls make it easier to find a setting perfect for your needs.


  • Some parts can get faulty which causes static or broken sounds
  • The HT distortion doesn’t sound authentic
  • The musical tones are not strong enough to use in professional music band setups


Yamaha THR5 10Watt (5W + 5W) Stereo Amplifier

Buy this amp if you need something that is packed with tones and onboard effects. This amp also allows you to combine different tones to produce creative tracks. The functions of this product provide realistic sounds.

You can connect the amp to your computer via USB. You can record, playback and edit whenever you want. You also get a complimentary editing system compatible with the amp. This allows you to make accurate edits for distinct audio.

The amp is powered by eight AA batteries. You can easily travel with the amp if you want to listen to music or record outside your home.


  • The various tones make it easier to create perfect tunes
  • The batteries last long
  • There are no distortions no matter how high the volume


  • It takes time to alter the settings and find a sound perfect for you
  • Software doesn’t save all tweaks to the system
  • The speakers aren’t loud enough for some instruments

Orange Rocker 15 1×10″ 15 Watt Tube Combo

The amp features two channels

  • The clean channel features a single volume control designed to produce crisp sounds
  • The dirty channel brings the grain and distortion rock songs are famous for

There is onboard power scaling at 15, 7, 1 and 0.5W. You can pick a tube that best suits your recording conditions. The amp features buffered effect loops to give you a more clear and usable tone.

The amp can be moved anywhere around the house, studio and/or stage. You won’t experience much distortion no matter the environment.


  • Perfect for use by professionals
  • Switching between the two channels is easy
  • The sound is powerful even at low volumes


  • The dirty channel’s volume isn’t as loud
  • A preamp may be needed to boost the sound experience
  • You need time to fiddle with the settings to get a bass sound you want.

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Do you know which one you want yet? We know it’s a tough decision because all five products are worthy of being on this list of best bedroom amps. We believe the Orange Rocker is your best option because it’s designed for professionals too. But what is your current need? Now see how your bedroom amp transforms your next session.

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