Zoom G9.2TT Review

The Zoom G9.2TT multi-effect guitar pedal with dual tube preamp provides powerful sound with its Energizer technology. Containing a new ZFX-3 chip, its 32-bit DSP, the G9.2TT’s improved processor and decoding system ensures that even the most delicate picking comes out with crystal clarity. The G9.2TT offers a variety of settings to accurately simulate some of the more well-known amps, original Zoom sounds, and the signature sounds of legendary guitarists. The console can produce true vintage tones as well as modern high-gain sound.

Zoom G9.2TT

Features of the Zoom G9.2TT

  • Weighs 16.2 pounds
  • 120 Effect Types
  • 10 Effect Modules
  • 10 Maximum Simultaneous Effects
  • 96kHz Sampling Frequency
  • Built-in tuner
  • 6-band graphic equalizer
  • 32-bit signal processing
  • Pre-set patches
  • Built-in Zoom Noise Reduction
  • USB capabilities
  • MIDI input/output capabilities
  • A/C adapter included

Zoom G9.2TT

Pros and Cons

One of the best aspects of the G9.2TT according to its users is its power, durability and all-in-one style for its relatively low price. The portable console packs in a huge amount of features with little to no hassle, a plus with guitarists who prefer not to tote around multiple pieces of equipment in order to achieve the same results. The console delivers clear, professional sound and the USB interface makes it simple to record and share sound. Musicians can easily tell at a glance to the pedal’s translucent buttons whether or not the effects are enabled.

Zoom G9.2TT

Cons of the Zoom G9.2TT

As with any other piece of electronic equipment, there can be some down sides to the good features. For instance, in order to get the best possible sound quality out of the console, the many effects and options have to be learned – and there are a lot of them. However, by taking some time and studying the manual, you can learn your way around the console. The LCD display is also on the small side, but it does serve its basic purpose. Some extra practice with the console and its many effects may be needed in order to achieve truly clean sound.

What Else Users Are Saying About the Zoom G9.2TT

Owners of the G9.2TT enjoy no longer needing a lot of additional pedal systems and an amp for play, as the console can simply be plugged into a recording studio or PA’s mixer. Purchasing various systems for individual effects can get very expensive, making the all-in-one functioning of the G9.2TT a more cost-effective option for musicians. The system itself is built to last, heavy and durable for prolonged use. The built-in Zoom noise reduction technology has also been highly praised, even when used with the high-gain preamp module.

Professional and amateur guitarists alike can appreciate the Zoom G9.2TT multi-effect guitar pedal system for the effortless control it provides over volume and effect control. Users have the ability to program their own patches as well as assign them to 5 different pedals in any given bank. This allows users to customize the tone throughout any song, a feat nearly impossible to achieve with run-of-the-mill stomp boxes.

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