What’s The Best Quiet Tube Amp?

Owning a quiet tube amp is great! It not only eliminates unwanted loud sounds or music leaks, but also isolate and enhance each musical tone for maximum clarity. You can also hear vocals in great detail.

So, which one is for you?

SMSL T2 2X6J9 Super Low Ground Noise Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

Designed with two sets of tube amps to produce optimum sound quality, this is an excellent item for your studio. These two sets are the core of the tube amp and include:

When you use the amp for long periods the tubes can heat up. The part of the tube that is the hottest is inside the amp. It’s out of harm’s way.

The amp is lightweight for easy portability. The amp is also durable because it’s made with CNC aluminum which has a strong scratch resistant property.

The product is embedded with a single chip microcomputer and relay to control the muted sound when off or first turned on. These two components make the device warm up first before transmitting sound.

When you turn the amp on you won’t hear a popping sound. This protects your ears and your speaker. The blue LED lights flash for 35 seconds to indicate the amp is warming up. The LED lights will be lit solid once the amp is ready to use.

The low ground noise feature ensures there is no ringing or buzzing when you use the amp. This leads to a quieter and more pleasant experience.

The technical specifications include:

  • Output power:
  • 32Ohm: 70 mW
  • 64Ohm: 44 mW
  • 150Ohm: 23 mW
  • 300Ohm: 13 mW
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • SNR: 80dB

The amp has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. You can connect any headphones or stereo to the amp.


  • Sounds and vocals are clear & detailed
  • The sound improves after the amp is “broken in”
  • Compatible with most headphones and stereos
  • It’s easy to replace the tubes


  • You may need a headphone with high output for maximized volume
  • There may be distortions
  • Popping sounds can occur when adjusting the volume
  • There are no authentic tube sounds

Dilvpoetry Tube-01 Preamp Vacuum Tube Amplifier Buffer 6j1 Mini Hifi Preamplifier Dc12v2a

This compact amp is a prime example that a small product can provide the power you need. The amp utilizes the traditional 6J1 tube design. This tube amplifies drive 1.5 times more than the standard amp or speaker.

The tube is replaceable contributing to a longer lifespan. Three construction materials contribute to the overall durability of the amp:

  • The aluminum alloy case protects the internal components from external damages. The case is also scratch resistant
  • The PCD has an epoxy resin binder that makes the circuit boards flame resistant
  • The gold plated interface of the aux input and output makes the connection secure. This material won’t break easily

The amp features a patent power conversion model. With this model the amp is quiet and won’t produce any distortion, buzzing or hissing sound. Generally when you first turn on an amp it makes a popping sound, but in this model the power conversion reduces any chances of this sound occurring.

This product acts as a buffer rather than an amp. It doesn’t increase the volume but rather drives power to speakers or headphones. This makes sounds clearer and tones distinct.

You can use the buffer with a DAC and a class D amplifier to improve the sound quality. You can also replace the tubes to produce better performance transmitting to the speakers or headphones.

Technical specifications

  • Output power: 300mv
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • SNR: 100dB


  • There is power in the bass
  • Vocals are transmitted clearly
  • Plays any type of audio
  • Can connect to a mixer


  • Doesn’t improve on the sound quality as an amp should
  • The amp overheats quickly
  • Authentic tube sounds aren’t produced
  • Needs to be used with an AC adapter

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What a great selection of quite tube amps! Choose the Dilvpoetry if you need an amp you know is ultra-quiet with almost no distortions. You’ll enjoy your music without any interference. Transform your music experiences instantly by simply using the right equipment!