What Is the Best Power Amplifier to Buy?

With so many amps in the market how can you be sure you’re focusing on the best ones?

Your search can stop now. You’re presented with the five best power amps below. They’re the best in terms of the power they deliver. Explore further and you may find the power amp best suited to your needs.

NuForce STA200 160-watt Stereo Power-Amplifier

The sophisticated design of the amp blends well into any living room. The amp is made of anodized aluminum which is scratch resistant. The white pearl finish gives the amp a modern look.

The amp was engineered to provide the perfect sound quality and performance audiophiles seek. Renowned Swiss engineers wanted to craft a product with all the features that give the amp the power it has.

You have 80W of pure clean power per channel. The two channels amplify sound in any room. The size of the room won’t limit the amp’s ability to produce loud and clear sounds.

Dual mono technology is embedded throughout the amp to minimize crosstalk and maximize sound quality. The left and right channels have this technology.

The amp is a perfect design fit for analog or digital preamps.


  • The amp produces a wide soundstage
  • Musical beats or notes don’t reduce vocal sounds
  • Sounds elevate with time


  • The low and mid ranges are not amplified immediately
  • You may need to add a preamp or DAC
  • The amp can’t be bridged into a mono amp

Crown XLi800

DJ’s, musicians or live sound engineers are sure to appreciate this amp. The selectable input sensitivity of 0.755V or 1.4V with an 800W amplifies any space.

This amp has a versatile range of functions making it easier to adjust to the type of setting you play music. The functions include:

  • Stereo
  • Parallel
  • Bridged mono mode

The amp has all the connections you need to hook it to other sound equipment. On the input side the Xli800 provides both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA jacks. These connections accommodate mixers and DJ systems.

The binding post and modern speakON connectors let you connect any PA system to the amp.

The smart design of the amp lets professional musicians play music for hours without the uncomfortable and unwanted sounds. These include distorting, buzzing, popping and/or hissing.

The amp has an air forced cooling system which ensures the elements don’t overheat or burn.


  • The amp is powerful and boosts the sound performance of any speaker system
  • Improves your home’s speaker system
  • The versatile range makes it easier to accommodate different sound settings


  • The loose unbalanced connections can make a humming sound even when the amp is off
  • There can be a lot of fan noise
  • The amp is too heavy to be portable

QSC GX3 300-Watt Power Amplifier

This amp gives the maximum amount of sound performance musicians need. The GX3 boosts the sounds of all connected speakers. Any speakers with a 4Ohm to an 8Ohm load get maximum power.

The class B biasing system combines maximum thermal efficiency with optimum sound performance. The amp won’t severely overheat to affect the sound quality.

Output audio devices shift from low to high power rails quickly. This guarantees output power is always at the desired level.

The GuardRail technology provides ultimate protection:

  • It provides full peak power while preventing detrimental overloads.
  • It reduces gain during excessive clipping or extreme overheating. This preserves the quality of the music.
  • This technology also protects the speakers from distortion.

The amp also has some elements of a subwoofer or satellite crossover.


  • The sound quality of songs is maximized
  • The amp is light which is convenient for portability
  • It’s compatible with other sound equipment


  • The fan noise can be heard through the speakers
  • The channels may have signal disconnect problems
  • The amp doesn’t have other functions such as mono

Peavey IPR 2 2000 Power Amplifier

Engineers designed this am to be lightweight yet more powerful than its previous model. The amp has an efficient thermal technology which prevents the components from overheating and burning out.

You can use the amp when it’s cold or warm. The amp doesn’t need large heat sinks for it to cool.

The IPR 2 series is designed with a resonant switch mode power supply and a high speed class D topology. These two components contribute to the optimum sound quality and resolution you’ll hear.

The Distortion Detection Technology circuitry ensures:

  • Trouble free operation into loads as low as 2Ohm
  • Drivers are protected
  • Sonic integrity is maintained


  • The amp has a strong construction
  • Easy to use and connect to other devices
  • The amp is light


  • The amp can reduce the power of high Ohm loads
  • A ticking sound can be heard when you switch the amp on
  • Not loud enough for large open areas

Seismic Audio – LE-3000 – Power Amplifier

The power amp has two power handling modes:

  • 8Ohm:350W
  • 4Ohm:700W

The momentary peak output is 3000W at 8Ohm bridge.

The two channels feature

  • Gain input
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum
  • Clip indicator

The versatile functions of the amp include:

  • Stereo
  • Parallel
  • Mono
  • Bridge modes

The dual DC fan mounted into the amp provides an efficient cooling system. You can use the amp for hours and it won’t overheat.


  • The amp transmits loud sounds
  • Other sound equipment can be hooked to it
  • Set up is easy and improvement can be heard instantly


  • The internal components can burn up
  • Replacement parts can’t be bought
  • The fan is loud

The best amplifier to buy is the QSC GX3 300-Watt Power Amplifier. This amp delivers a powerful performance far beyond your expectations. The positive features outweigh the few drawbacks so you’re assured of quality. Are you ready to transform your music sessions?