Vox VT40X – Versatility Powerhouse

Enclosed in a black stylish case, VT40X by Vox is one of the best hybrid modeling amplifiers available on the market. The model has a combined technology of both the circuits and a tube. As a result, you get an extremely versatile amp with a warm analog sound and affordable price.

Vox VT40X is powerful enough to set the night on fire with your band but can be also used for home practice in peaceful solitude.

The amplifier has 33 preset programs based on popular amps and 8 user programs. In addition to that, VT40X comes with PC/smartphone connectivity and special software that provides even more options.

VOX VT40X guitar amp


The amplifier has 40 Watts output power and a 10-inch standard Vox speaker. The preamp is powered by 12AX7 tube. Vox VT40X has one output for headphones and 4 inputs (for your guitar, aux, footswitch, and a Mini-BUSB).

The amp has 11 stored programs with 3 modes each that imitate the sounds of some of the most renowned amplifiers. In addition to that, you can store 8 user presets of your choice. Finally, the amplifier has a total of 13 different effects, and you can turn on three of them simultaneously.


Vox VT40X is all about versatility. No surprise its control panel can scare off even an experienced player. However, after a short read and much practice, you’ll be able to leverage every single feature it has to offer you.

There are three different modes of Vox VT40X work:

  • Preset programs that imitate the tone of popular amplifiers and artists’ amp settings
  • The manual mode that gives you an opportunity to set your own sound
  • User programs will give you an opportunity to store the amp settings and then pick them just as you pick one of the preset programs.

Let’s take a look at what we have on its control panel:

Amplifier section

This section contains the key controls of preset programs and manual modes.

Next to the input jack, there’s a Preset Programs button. It switches between Preset (press) and Manual mode (hold for at least 1 sec) as well as between A, B, and C preset programs (press).

On its right, there’s an Amp Models knob that enables you to pick one of 11 model amplifiers, the Gain knob that controls the preamp and a three-band Equaliser with Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs.

The Volume manages the volume of preamp and changes the distortion. The Power Level enables you to change the level of output power while keeping the same distortion. The Power button next to it turns on/off the device. Below it, there are an Aux and headphones inputs.

Vox Valvetronix

Valvetronix Section

This section controls the tubes (aka valves in British English). There are Bias Shift Button and Class Button

The Bias Button operates in 3 modes: off, green and red. It can change the clarity of a sound from a very clear (green) to standard (off) to overdriven (red).

Ther Class Button has only red or green modes. The latter is standard. The former adds distortion nuances.

User Programs Section

It’s situated under the Amp section. Here you can record and apply your special programs.

Next to the footswitch input, there are 1 Bank Button and 4 buttons each turning the User Programs mode on. Below them, there’s a USB port.

  • Bank – picking one of two banks of User programs and saving new ones.
  • Channel buttons are applied to pick one of the user programs within the bank.

Effects Section

As mentioned above, Vox VT40x has 12 different effects grouped into 3 bands:

  • Pedal 1.
  • Pedal 2.
  • Reverb.

Each band has 1 button. Press one of these buttons to choose the respective band. There are also Effect selection buttons on the left. Once you’ve picked your band, use them to turn the effect on.

The Tap button can help you set the modulation speed and delay of the effect. Finally, Value 1 and Value 2 knobs change the parameters of the effects.

Vox Valvetronix


This is a medium-sized lightweight black box with classic Vox looks. Carrying it around won’t be a problem. 9 kgs and 462 × 225 × 404 mm are dimensions that even a subtle teenager can handle.

Despite the affordable price, the amp doesn’t look anything like cheap. The golden logos of the producer and the series, coupled with bone handle, diamond grill cloth, and chicken-head knobs give out those 1960s vibes but can visually fit any surroundings.


There’s no secret that the development of amplifiers technology by various brands has been shaping the sound of rock music for over half a century now. With its 11 modeled amps and 33 artist presets, Vox VT40X gives you an opportunity to quickly change between various styles and genres performing their golden standards or playing your own music.

At some point, you might embark on a journey to find your perfect sound. Once you’ve found it, you can create a custom program on your amp, and get back to that tone instantly.


Playing Fender Telecaster with Vox VT40X, will enable you to get the most of the sound of both the guitar and the amplifier.


Vox VT40X is a hybrid amplifier that combines the versatility, compact size and affordable price of digital amps with the natural sound of valves. It’s great for beginners and intermediate guitar players, stand-alone performers and band members, home and a gig.

Vox VT40X is praised by musicians as a great imitator of the most influential amps in history. In addition to that, it can be used as a regular amplifier with multiple features. It provides numerous opportunities to tweak your sound and add various features.

With Vox VT40X, you can take comprehensive digital control over your amp settings via your smartphone or PC.

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