VOX V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo Amp Review

Famous music names and brands such as The Edge, The Rolling Stone, the Beatles, and many others have greatly contributed to the popularity of the vintage Vox sound. As such, it would hardly be surprising if you, like many others, have come to expect top quality British sounds from Vox.

The Vox 10W Pathfinder Combo perfectly illustrates the saying that big things come in small packages. Although small, important details such as white piping and gold beading have been reproduced in order to recapture the renowned Vox appearance. 

Little, yet so Big

The powerful tone-filled nature of the Pathfinder 10W Combo makes the amp a perfect choice for recording, warm-up at the backstage, and even home practice. The clean/overdrive switch is designed to allow you quickly flick between clean and overdrive or ‘dirty’ sounds. Yes, by merely pressing the clean/overdrive switch, you can change the tone from a crystal clear sound to the unique distortion sound from Vox; or you can even adjust the tone from a modern rock reverb to a bluesy tone.

Features and Specifications

As expected of a 10W amp, the power is not exactly massive, but its delivery is surprisingly top notch. Its vintage look is a major highlight, as the Vox amp easily stands out from other brands.

VOX V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo Features

  • 10W solid state power output
  • 1×6.5 Vox Bulldog speaker
  • Controls: Volume, gain, clean/overdrive switch
  • Line/headphone processed output
  • Input jack
  • Dimensions: 14.96 in. x 10.24 in. x 6.69 in.
  • Single input
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Aside the amazing features of this small package, its vintage appearance is super appealing, with a perfect blend of ancient and modern allure that makes the amp stand out. 

Customer Reviews and Scores

The appeal of the Vox 10W Pathfinder Combo was evident in the reviews at amazon.com. Unsurprisingly, a little peek into these reviews revealed that most buyers ended up satisfied. One of such buyers said “I usually don’t write reviews. Maybe once or twice I have, sometimes out of obligation when Amazon reminds me to do so. But I feel compelled to write a review about this little amp”. The buyer continues saying “there are some really crappy bug amps too, that are just big for the sake of being huge… but this amp is great, and it’s small at the same time, which makes it the greatest”.

The greatness of the Vox amp stands out in the reviews. However, while the customer reviews on the platform are positive overall, a select number of buyers had specific complaints too. One of such buyers who rated the amp 2 stars said it “kinda sounds like crap”. While all customer reviews should be appreciated for better delivery in future, most of the buyers have revealed that the small amp really sounds great. Indeed, the unpleasant review of the buyer is not widespread since other buyers are already having the time of their lives with the small, but great package from Vox.

From its home-friendly size to its amazing sound quality, the Vox amp is top notch for anyone. Its size is just perfect for home practice, confidence-boosting backstage practice, and excellent for recording. Do you prefer it clean? Or do you like it dirty? With amazing controls and a perfect vintage look, the small Vox is your go-to amp for a wide range of tones.