Vox ToneLab EX Review

The Vox ToneLab EX Valvetronix is one of the latest offerings from Vox, enhanced for richer and more impressive live performance. However, the full-size, multi-effect pedal is equipped with 200 instantly-available professional programs, including 50 song presets capable of recreating the guitar effects from a variety of well-known songs, and boasts 33 distinctive amp models. The Vox ToneLab EX is perhaps most importantly lauded for its true-tube sound. The system’s real vacuum tubes produced it.

Vox ToneLab EX

Vox ToneLab EX Features

  • 33 distinctive amp models
  • 11 Cabinet models
  • 44 different effect types, including stand-alone distortion, modulation-style, delay and reverb
  • Noise reduction capabilities
  • 200 professional, ready-to-use programs
  • Type B USB Connector
  • 12-volt DC Power Supply
  • AC adapter included
  • LED Chromatic Tuner

Vox ToneLab EX

Pros of the Vox ToneLab EX

Depending on the needs of the user, musical effect equipment like the ToneLab EX may have several different pros and cons that should be examined. One of the best things about the ToneLab EX is its vast array of options – it has 33 amp models, 14 modulation effects, 11 distortion pedals, and much more. The tuner is easy to use and has a highly visible display. Also the USB port is a handy feature for recording. The on-board pedal is sturdy and durable- built to take abuse, and it also offers volume control capabilities. Another positive feature is the portability of the equipment – the ToneLab EX weighs just over 6 pounds.

Vox ToneLab EX

Cons of the Vox ToneLab EX

At first glance the ToneLab EX, with its long list of specifications, seems to be the perfect guitar effect pedal system. However, with so many options and features crammed into one piece of equipment. Secondly, the ToneLab EX may be overwhelming for some users and take time to navigate. In addition to this, the smaller stereo speakers located under the tuner may be impractical for serious practice. And better suited to casual tinkering. The Pitch model is one of the weakest from the effects section, when compared to others, especially at higher volumes.

What Users Are Saying About the Vox ToneLab EX

Firstly, for many users of the Vox ToneLab EX Valvetronix, the initial draw is the ability to have a multi-purpose pedal for different types of music without the need to purchase many single-effect pedals. Also the ToneLab EX is also favored for its durability – it is built for real-life stage situations and, though lightweight. Is sturdy enough to withstand daily use and the rigors of being packed, unpacked and traveled with by professional or amateur musicians. The all-in-one draw of the ToneLab EX is a plus for not only amateur musicians, but professional artists as well.

In musical history from each era, various amps inspired  guitarists to create the classic performances we enjoy to this day. The ToneLab EX was created to reproduce the sounds of vintage amps. Also modern high-gain amps, and rare boutique amps with its 33 different amp models and 11 cabinet models. By experimenting with the amps and cabinets, 363 different combinations can be achieved with the Vox ToneLab EX.

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  1. Josh, I’ve had a Tonelab ex for the last 10 years and rarely took it out of the box. Currently it’s sitting in the back of my car ready to take for part exchange against something else. Your review has changed my mind and probably saved me some coin!
    I actually forgot about some of the features you mentioned


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