Vox Night Train Review

When it comes to music equipment, serious players have to be very careful what they choose. If you’re just practicing in your bedroom and learning the craft that’s one thing, but a guitarist planning on signing checks with his instrument needs to make sure that he’s working with the best tools he or she can get their hands on. And for those that prefer an electric guitar (a necessity for anything outside of an unplugged session), an amplifier is one of the basic tools of the trade. It has to be loud, powerful, clear and portable, as well as durable and dependable. And the machine that meets that description is the Vox Night Train.

Vox Night Train

What Will Vox Night Train Do For Me?

The Vox Night Train is everything that a player is looking for in a guitar amplifier, and then some. Barely more than 26 pounds, it’s a fairly light weight machine that can broadcast tunes to every corner of all but huge venues. Making sure that every pluck and stroke rings out crystal clear.

Easy to use and simple to tune, this amplifier can be configured by even those new to playing. With multiple channels and an easy selector that can be used anytime, even in mid-song. The Night Train will let you play like a super star. If, of course, you’re willing to put in all the time and the practice to sound like one before you actually plug in and take the stage.


When it comes to listing all of the pros for the Night Train, it’s a powerfully persuasive group of attributes. Whether a user wants a replacement for a heavy hitting amp that’s died, or they’re just looking for a new addition to the equipment roster. This amplifier hits all the high notes and provides exactly what every guitarist needs.

For musicians that are trying to wring every little bit out of their instrument. It helps to have an amp that will make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Aside from the reputation of the company, and of the machine itself. The Vox Night Train comes with fantastic features no player should have to do without.

Vox Night Train


  • 2 channels to choose between. With a simple to use foot pedal that can be activated with a simple button stomp. Players can switch back and forth between a high grain modern sound and the classic chime that they get with the standard amp channel. No matter what sound a player prefers, or a song requires, moving back and forth is simple as pushing down.
  • 26.9 pounds and 9.2 by 6.9 by 18 inches in size. A compact, easy to move amplifier. The Vox Night Train can be carried, moved and set up wherever someone needs to play. Whether it’s a noisy bar or a bustling coffee shop. This amplifier can fit comfortably while still being heavy enough that it won’t just slide off in a strong wind.
  • 50 watts, all tube. For those players that really prefer the sounds created by a tube amp. Rather than the results produced by alternatives, the Vox Night Train is the answer to your prayers. With rich tones that can give form and figure to your playing. Iit’s the mouthpiece that your guitar has been looking for.
  • Master section. This section makes the Night Train so easy to adjust that anyone from the newest amateur to the oldest hand can get it set up just right for their preferences and their sets. All it takes is a few minutes to turn the knobs, and you’re ready to play.

These are, of course, just a handful of the advantages that a guitarist gets from using the Vox Night Train for his or her playing. There’s also the durability of a quality amp that can take a fall or a tumble and set right back up for the next song.

There’s the standard of quality that Vox is known for, and that musicians both value and trust. That said, this particular amplifier is a stand out model, even among the quality products created by Vox.

So What Should I Do Now for Vox Night Train?

If a guitarist isn’t sure whether or not the Vox Night Train is the right amplifier for his or her music. Then there are some very simple, very basic questions that need to be asked. For instance, do you already have an amplifier that provides quality sound. Easy switching and which carries the weight of Vox’s reputation?

Do you have an amplifier that’s as light in weight. But which still provides the sound that only a tube amplifier can? Is your amp easy to adjust and user friendly, with at least 2 channels that you can switch back and forth between with a flick of a boot?

Answer the questions

If your answers to these questions are all yes, then chances are good that you’re going to be fine with the equipment you already have. However, if your answers are not yes then you might want to give some serious thought to acquiring a Vox Night Train for your own.

Vox Night Train

If you already have a quality amplifier that’s at least as good as the Night Train, and which you’re satisfied with. Then there’s no reason to replace it. However, for those guitarists who know their amps are low quality crackle boxes. Whose equipment is on its last legs, they could do far, far worse than acquiring the Night Train.

This amplifier can stand up to practically any other model on the market, and it will both look and sound fabulous while it’s doing it. So, the million dollar question is why would any guitarist use a lesser amplifier. And make it that much harder to create a great sound when he or she didn’t have to? So why wait even one more day?

Instead, why not try the Vox Night Train for yourself and see just what it is that you’ve been missing out on.

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