Vox AC4TV Review

The way that a guitarist gets better is to practice. All the equipment, tricks and reverb in the world won’t make up for someone that isn’t a very good player, and it’s a skill that has to be maintained in order to keep the mind nimble and the fingers strong. Vox AC4TV helps you with it.

However, in order for practice to be fun as well as effective, players still need to have the right amplifier. This is especially true if they use an electric guitar, and don’t have the option to go unplugged. And for those players looking for a solid amp that allows for good control and a cool, retro look the Vox AC4TV is just what you’ve been looking for all this time


What Will It Do For Me?

The Vox AC4TV is a simple machine that has a very specific purpose

Additionally, with the clear tones and smooth sound, along with the easily adjusted control panel. This particular Vox AC4TV is built for small venues and intimate spaces. You can use it for recording, but it just doesn’t have the power needed to blast a sound to the nosebleed seats.

But what it can do is be extended to other peripheral devices, allowing players to create a daisy chain of music. If that becomes necessary. Generally speaking though, this smooth voiced Vox is just meant to help guitarists perfect their sound. At home or in the garage before they hook up and start belting out bombs in front of a bigger audience.



While it may lack the ear drum shattering power of the bigger amps and gigantic speakers. That doesn’t mean that the Vox AC4TV doesn’t have some definite advantages that it can provide for guitarists that choose to plug in and play.

From the retro look to the full-throated, rich tones, to the low powered play that this particular Vox model offers. There’s something for every player that needs something compact to take to practice and to stay in tune, so to speak. For those that aren’t sure whether or not this amplifier is worth it, the Vox AC4TV comes with great features like.

Vox AC4TV Features

  • 22.5 pounds. A very light weight amp, this Vox model you can take anywhere that a guitarist needs to go for practice. Whether it’s the basement, the bedroom, the garage or even the studio, this amp can be hauled along with no difficulty.
  • Retro look. The Vox AC4TV looks like it has an old fashioned TV front, despite how modern and up to date it is. For the player that likes to have something that’s got a touch of the hipster layered over a solidly performing machine, this Vox is the best idea.
  • Tube sound. There’s nothing quite like the sound produced by vacuum tubes, and even the best digital formats can’t reproduce it. So why bother trying to mimic it when instead you can use authentic vacuum tubes for the low. Throaty purr that every guitarists really wants to have.
  • Easy to use adjustment panel. Whether guitarists want to use the 4 watt, 1 watt or 1/4 watt options. The panel easily adjusts for the ideal output that every player can use to his or her greatest advantage. It’s simple, smooth and provides a flawless sound without too much effort.


These are just a handful of the great options that players gain access. To when they choose to use the Vox AC4TV to make sure their practice sessions are the best they can possibly be. All of these features come in addition to Vox’s sterling reputation as a quality company that makes some of the best products available for musicians.

For guitarists that want to be sure that they’re getting a quality product from a company that is known for its staying power. There are a great deal of less attractive options than this little number from Vox.

So What Should I Do Now?

If you’re still not sure whether or not the Vox AC4TV is the correct amp for you. All you need to do is look at what it can offer you and your playing. It’s a solid, light weight and easily transportable amp that offers genuine, vacuum tube sound with low wattage.

While it’s true that the AC4TV isn’t a huge boom box that can shake walls and rattle windows. You don’t always need that kind of power. Sometimes you just need to work out how your new song sounds when you played on a low power amp.

Additionally, because of the 16 ohm output it’s entrely possible to add a whole separate cabinet. Giving players the ability to up the ante and the volume at the same time if they find that’s what they really need to do in order to be heard. Where can a player go wrong with that?


However, the Vox AC4TV is not for everyone, however. It is, most definitely and undeniably, a practice amplifier that’s meant to be used mostly at very low volumes. That can be problematic for those who are looking to play it loud. Or who need an amp that they can take to bigger shows and venues.

This particular Vox is not meant for that. And users that need that sort of capacity would be better off with another model entirely. However, for those that are looking for a smooth, soft tone that they can use on the tour bus or in the studio. This is the ideal little amp to get just the right sound.

So why wait one more day using sub par equipment when you don’t have to? Instead try the Vox AC4TV and see what you’ve missed.

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