Top 5 Gibson Maestro Guitars

Founded in 1902, Nashville-based Gibson Guitar Corporation makes acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, including the classic Les Paul model. Gibson manufactures guitars under several brands, including Epiphone and Kalamazoo. Gibson’s Maestro acoustic and electric guitars are well suited for beginning or young players. These budget-friendly guitars are a good choice for traveling, parties, and practices that are appropriate for a high-end instrument. Consumers can find new and used Gibson Maestro guitars at brick-and-mortar retailers and online resources such as eBay.

1. 41-inch Acoustic Guitar

41-inch Acoustic Guitar

With square shoulders and bottom, the 41-inch acoustic Maestro is crafted in the Dreadnought body style. This body style produces deep, rich tones and reproduces precise, hard-driving attacks. The 41-inch Maestro contains the same materials and hardware as the 38-inch version. Also the natural-finish version has a black teardrop pick guard, and a tortoise shell pick guard complements the brown amber finish.

2. 38-inch Acoustic Gibson Maestro Guitar

38-inch Acoustic Guitar

This basic six-string acoustic guitar is a good choice for beginners. With a slightly reduced scale from a standard 41-inch instrument, it is 38 inches long, making it a good travel guitar. It has a gently rounded shoulder and a smaller neck that accommodates smaller hands and new players.


The guitar body features durable Nato wood on the sides and back. The top is made of Spruce veneer in amber or red finishes. The Nato neck has a glossy finish that matches the sides and back of the instrument. The rosewood fingerboard is 23.5 inches long with 21 frets. The diecast tuning pegs and hardware are chrome. Besides the black tear-shaped pick guard protects the body from wear.

3. Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

The Maestro double cutaway electric guitar is patterned after the classic 1961 Gibson SG model. With a precise sound and thin neck, the double cutaways at the end of the fingerboard allow the musician to reach the high end with ease. The double cutaway design creates a winged shape that allows the player to hook the thumb completely down the neck if desired. Gibson Maestro electric Guitars require an amplifier for the music output to be audible.


Available in black, red, or blue finishes, the solid wood body is made with poplar/maple veneer. This full-size 40-inch electric guitar has a generous black pick guard. The satin-finish maple neck facilitates rapid playing and is bolted on to the body. The 24.75-inch rosewood fingerboard has 22 frets and steel strings. With chrome-plated hardware, black speed knobs, and a wraparound bridge. Firstly, the Maestro double cutaway has diecast machine heads, also known as the tuners. Secondly, the dual-coil humbucker pickup cancels the hum from electronic interference. Additionally, the guitar has a volume control and a tone control.

4. Single Cutaway Gibson Maestro Electric Guitar

Single Cutaway Electric Guitar

With a single round shoulder, the full-size single cutaway Maestro echoes the 1952 Gibson electric guitar. The cutaway creates a single wing at the end of the fingerboard, allowing the player to access the high end with ease. With the exception of the number of cutaways, the construction of this guitar is identical to its double cutaway sibling. The finishes include Honeyburst, Purple Burst, Blue Burst, and the classic Cherry Sunburst.

5. Single Cutaway Carvetop Electric Guitar

Single Cutaway Carvetop Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop guitar patterned The single cutaway carvetop the 1952 . Gibson used its specialized tooling to create a precisely arched and contoured top. Available in a Cherry Sunburst finish made famous by the Les Paul models, the carvetop variant is nearly identical to the standard single cutaway guitar. Unlike that instrument, the carvetop does not have a pick guard.


The carvetop has two humbuckers, one above the bridge and another just below the neck. There are two volume controls and two volume knobs. The three-way switch allows the musician to create different sounds and tones on the fly.

Gibson Maestro Guitar Accessories

Even beginners’ guitars require a few accessories to help them get and stay in tune, protect them, and replace broken or missing parts. However, some are optional.

Guitar Accessories


Digital tuner – Quick, accurate tuning

Strap – Allows playing while standing

Extra strings – Prevents delays if a string breaks

Picks – Create a precise sound

Gig bag – Soft-sided or hard cases protect the guitar; Carries accessories

An amplifier is a crucial accessory for the electric guitar. Full-size amplifiers are best suited for practices and performances, and compact amps are a good choice while traveling or at home.

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