TC Electronic G-System Review

The TC Electronic G-System Guitar Multi-Processor is a complete, high quality floor based guitar system with nine simultaneous effects and four FX loops. As TC’s flagship product, this G-System delivers high quality sound to its users and is built to last. With its high levels of flexibility and quality, the TC Electronic G-System is so fully featured it can easily replace a pedal board and is a great choice for all serious musicians.

TC Electronic G-System

The TC Electronic G-System

The TC Electronic G-System, priced new at around $1,300, is a great multi-effects processing option for any guitarist. Users can connect up to four external expression pedals to make their sound even more customizable, and its fast, silent program changes only lend to the quality of the sound produced by this processor. It is one of the most all-inclusive models available on today’s market and is even equipped with four 9V DC outlets for user convenience both on stage and off.

TC Electronic G-System Features

  • 2 independent DSP sections
  • 25 onboard effects
  • MIDI connections included in the floor set
  • 18 large knobs for optimum control
  • USB connection

TC Electronic G-System

Pros and Cons

Besides just acting as a multi-processor, the TC Electronic G-System can be used to control and switch up your amplifier. It is also easy to use on the fly, and the many outlets included are both time and space savers. However, it can take awhile to learn how to use all of the many features and to set it up to each individual’s preferences, which some users have found to be a frustrating process.

TC Electronic G-System

Thoughts from Owners

Owners have found the TC Electronic G-System to be small enough to add minimal clutter on stage. While owners agree the price is a bit steep. They also agree that it is worth the money because it’s extremely durable and long lasting. Of the many extra features this model boasts, owners especially appreciate the amp switching feature. Owners consider the reliability of this system and how strongly it is built to be major assets, and many said they would buy this product again.

Many Features and Great User Support

Besides all of the great features built into this system. TC also offers great user support, helping customer with their issues within a 48 hour period. This system, though on the more expensive end, has received only excellent reviews from owners. The unit weighs 23 pounds and is built to last long, so it is great for those who plan to transport this system often and get a lot of use out of it.

As one of the most customizable systems available, the TC Electronic G-System’s ease of use. Features truly leaves every option for sound up to the musician. With total control as this system’s goal, the four switchable mono analog loops allow users to control all of their effects. If you’re looking to make an investment in a quality system that will pass the test of time,. The TC Electronic G-System is the right processor for you.

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