TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal Review

Every electric guitar player’s nightmare would be to play live with a low-quality effect pedal on his pedal board, specifically, the most obvious one – the distortion pedal. A good distortion pedal allows you to hit that right spot just when you are shifting from a clean tone to a warm overdrive.

A good distortion pedal cleans up your tone so that it won’t sound like noise to your audience. A good distortion pedal is something that is sturdy and lightweight, something that is versatile, and something that works well with other guitar pedals on your pedal board. A good distortion pedal is the TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal. 

To know more about what a good distortion pedal is, read on for this product’s full features, its advantages, its disadvantages, and our verdict as to why this pedal should be on the top of your guitar pedal list.

Features of the TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal:

  • Features controls for treble, gain, bass and level
  • Features Voicing Switch
  • True Bypass
  • No loss of tone

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This is truly one of those products that simply make you happy with your purchase. We definitely get to see the quality of both the tone and the materials used on the  Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal. Whether you have a particular tone in mind when you bought this or you’re simply exploring the range of this pedal, this is perfect for you.

It compliments your other guitar pedals and is somewhat musical providing you with the crunch that distortion pedals should give. The crunchiness of the sound can be achieved through the full gain spectrum. With the low gain settings, you definitely get to hear a wide variety of beautiful tones; with the high gain settings, you get to achieve intense tones without having to sound noisy.

This TC Electronic guitar pedal is also a good boost for when hitting that extremely high tone without losing that vintage, 80s vibe that the crowd adores. It is obvious that with this pedal, tones are transparent and crisp. The treble and bass controls help tone down and crisp up the tone whenever needed.

Be it hard rock or blues, this guitar pedal can do it. We were fairly impressed with how it blends well with other guitar pedals. You won’t have to worry about producing a sound that is annoying because this effect pedal helps detect the guitar signal that is to be picked up by the amplifier. Most of the customers who have purchased this guitar pedal are truly astonished.

Aside from hard rock and blues, this pedal is also perfect for alternative sounds as well as grunge. The distortion is just right. This pedal is very bassy and the active controls indeed do make a difference. This is a perfect use for leads and mid gain. We find that this is truly worth it and highly recommended if you are starting out with electric guitars.

The housing is sturdy and durable. It is small, which is convenient, fitting perfectly on your pedal board alongside with the other guitar pedals. The knobs respond well to settings and the reverb sounds are amazing. The design is very simplistic and functional. Furthermore, it definitely gets the job done.


The Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal is all sorts of awesome, but there have been a few setbacks with the pedal. For instance, the distortion is not so powerful and the sound transformation is lacking. If you play intense metal, this may not reach the level of expectation you have for a distortion pedal as this is not for heavy distortion. You can definitely notice the change or shift when played loudly.


We are very much impressed with the TC Electronic distortion pedal in an overall sense. It is small and convenient, sturdy and durable; it works well with other pedals and has a simplistic, user-friendly structure. Simply speaking, it is everything you need it to be all packed into one impressive product.

Like the Pro Co RAT2 pedal, this may not be the perfect distortion pedal for experts who are looking to achieve really high-intensity tones for metal music.  But we believe that the TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal is the perfect choice for a beginner. With that being said, this pedal still gains a spot in our top 5 distortion pedals.

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