Line 6 Bogner Alchemist 2×12 Combo

When Bogner isn’t designing amps for Line 6 he also builds his own boutique amps, recently rebranded as ‘Custom Shop’ to make space in the product range for his first mass-produced line, the Alchemist. Aiming to deliver the flexibility, pure valve signal path and rich tone of his higher-priced kit at a reachable price level, … Read more

Peavey Windsor Studio

Able to swamp output valves and with a built-in power soak, the Windsor Studio is one of the hottest affordable home/recording/small gig amps out there. Peavey introduced the Windsor range in 2006 with a name, as well as a look to the cabinet Peavey Windsor Studiodesign. That suggested a British amplifier influence. A trend that … Read more

Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine Combo bass amp review

The 600W M6 Carbine combo is hand-built in Petaluma, California from marine-grade birch plywood. It’s bulky – 761mm high, 546mm wide and 454mm deep – and hellish heavy at 43.6kg/96lbs, but it has two castors at the rear for tilt-and-roll operation. Phew. The M6 has not one but two 300W neodymium-magnet 12″ speakers and an … Read more

Fender Princeton Reverb

The sweet-toned, low-powered Fender Princeton Reverb always gets vintage Fender amp fans scrabbling for their wallets. Fender’s reissue of the legendary Princeton Reverb has been just as eagerly awaited as their ’57 Deluxe. Small valve amps are back in vogue, as most guitarists have twigged that they can’t really crank 50W or 100W amps at … Read more

TecAmp Puma 212 Bass Combo

Tall, simple and conservatively-dressed, TecAmp Puma 212 Bass Combo offer an efficient German take on the perfect bass sound, at a price. Review by Gareth Morgan TecAmp Puma 212 Bass Combo has been designing and building professional bass equipment for over 20 years. This unheralded German company was the first to use neodymium speaker technology … Read more

Harma Cabinets & Bass Metaphor’s

Got a Fender Blues Junior, Blues Deluxe, Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville? These cabs are the perfect match. The Bass Metaphor’s is a mini multi-effects unit for bass sporting a two-band EQ, distortion and compression. It can also be used simply as a preamp or as a DI unit with EQ. Six black plastic knobs sit … Read more

Victoria Electro King

Something about Gibson amps reminds us of the Tommy Cooper gag about the Stradivarius and the Rembrandt. Does Victoria Electro King know something we don’t? Huw Price makes a discovery. Considering the reverence for Gibson’s 1950s guitars, it seems inexplicable that values of Gibson amps from that era haven’t kept pace with contemporary Fender amps. … Read more

Hartke LH500 Head / HyDrive HX115 & HX410 Cabs

Hartke made its name with aluminium speakers, then offered paper ones, and now are back with both in the same package. Gareth Morgan finds out what’s going on. Hartke built its first cabinet specifically for the late, great Jaco Pastorius in 1984. But the company’s probably most famous for the later use of aluminium-coned speakers … Read more