5 Best Budget Stereo Tube Amplifiers 2021

most affordable tube amplifier

If you’re a true audiophile who loves everything about music, you’ll know how a stereo tube amplifier will kick your listening experience up a notch! Although amps have been popular for being only used at events and concerts, a lot of tube amps are becoming an integral part of home sound systems as well! The … Read more

How To Identify Different Types of Vacuum Tubes – An Infographic Reference Guide

Pairing a great tube with a great amplifier is the key recipe in anyone’s audio tone. Do different tubes really make much of a difference in your sound?  How can you identify what tubes go with which amp, with all the different types of vacuum tubes out there?  What’s the difference between an EL34 and … Read more

Tube Amp Basics: How They Get That Amazing Tone

tube amp basics

Tube amps, or valve amps, are a type of electronic amplifier. As the name hints, they use vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude, or the power of the input signal. While they still have a massive following, low and medium power valve amps were largely traded out for solid state amps during the 1970s because … Read more