What Is A Tube Converter And Do I Need One?

best tube amp under 400

It’s a constant paradox with guitarists and their tube amps:  you have to get to a certain volume in order to introduce the optimal distortion level to really make your tone soar, but that volume can easily overwhelm your fellow musicians or a sound engineer, who really need you to lower your volume.  If only … Read more

How Long Should A Tube Amp Cool Down?

There are few things in music that sound better than the crisp, warm tones of a tube amplifier.  To keep maintaining that great tone over a long period of time, it’s important to incorporate proper care and handling into your everyday use of your amp.  Properly using the standby switch is one of the most … Read more

When To Replace Your Guitar Amp Tubes

when to replace your guitar amp tubes

If there’s starting to be something off with your tube amp, you may find yourself wondering when to replace your guitar amp tubes.   Before you even start investigating, amp tube replacement cost may be an important consideration.  In most cases, you can look up the number of the tube online and find an exact price.  … Read more