Sonicake Multi Guitar Effect Strip Pedal

Have you been using an effects pedal for a while now and would like to find a great new one to try? Have you been playing with a pedal which only offers two different effects? Are you on the market for a more versatile one? Do you want to bring back some of the glam-rock of the 1980s? Well, there’s great news for you.

The super versatile and multi-facetedSonicake Multi Guitar Effect Strip Pedal might be just the one you’re searching for.  Let’s dive in and find out more about some of this product’s awesome specifications.

Packs the Whole Tonal Essence of ‘80s Rock and Roll into One Unit

Produce a glassy, shimmering transparent chorus effect, warm crunchy distortion and a great natural sounding delay effect. In addition, you can you can get fantastic spacious reverb and echo to totally immerse yourself in the arena rock n’ roll of the 80s. Use the super range of effects to add color, texture and depth to your sounds and re-create your very own musical vision of the 1980s today.

The Epic Lead Tone

With a bit of tweaking, you can access this mode. It is super responsive and dynamic. It has long sustain that will slice through your mix like a hot knife through butter. It’s a great effect strip pedal for touring gigs because of its durable design and compact size. Take it on the road, plug it in, tweak it and rock out!   

A Built-In Cab Simulator.

This fabulous feature allows you to extract an authentic cabinet guitar sound straight from the PA system with a great maximum delay time. You can also use Delay to fatten up your tone. What’s more, it has an LED indicator to show its working state. It also boasts metal casting, aluminum alloy and looks classy and cool in black.  Add a touch of 80’s glam and class to your gigs now.

Still not convinced? Let’s have a look at some reviews.

What do People Think?

The Sonicake Multi Effect Strip Pedal has proved a big hit with Amazon reviewers.  The range of effects on offer has clearly impressed, with one 5-star reviewer writing that the “chorus effect was simply beautiful. “ Another wrote that it was “worth the reverb and chorus alone” and highly recommended it.  In total, there are 29 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Great, right?

One person, who gave the pedal 3 stars said that the chorus was “not great with distortion” but also said that they liked the creamy distortion and that the Sonicake was easy to use. Sounds good, yes? You’re obviously on to a winner with this first-class effects pedal.

I would be 100% happy to recommend this product.


We’ve gone through this pedal’s main specifications and features, including the amazing range of effects on offer for the price, and the beautiful quality of the sounds you can create. We also talked about the epic lead tone you can produce, the durable road-worthy design, and the great cabinet guitar sound you can get with the built-in cab simulator. So don’t wait! Buy now at and create your own magical music.