Review of the Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybrid Tube Amplifier 2

We are often drawn into preferring the original state of things, especially in music. No matter how many times a song has undergo renditions of different artists or how many remixes it had over the years, we still find the original to be the best among them. The reason is simple; the original remains an accomplishment of bringing something into existence for the first time.

The same principle is held true by High Fidelity or HiFi listeners who want high-quality reproduction of sounds. And who wouldn’t want that? If music is the expression of the soul, shouldn’t it be expressed in the best quality it can be created and re-created?

If your answer is yes, then chances are you have a tube amplifier in your home. Unlike modern day digital players, preamp tubes produce a more natural and warm sound compared to the uneven quality of the former. It also removes that loose characteristic of some songs especially when they are played on high volume.

One of the popular tube amps today is the Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybird Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth/USB/Headphone for Hifi. This flagship product of Nobsound is its answer to the sophisticated demand of hi-fidelity sound fans and audiophiles.

This 25-watt tube amp can be connected to any 110V to 240V outlet. The device has an upscale metallic exterior which flaunts a straightforward practical design that makes it easy to use and operate.

For the unacquainted, tube amps were used in players before the modern transistor amplifiers. They are more “mechanical” when boosting the power and signal of the speakers compared to the ones that uses electrical signals. They produce a more natural and warmer sound, with little to know dissonance.  

Preceding the Nobsound Ms-10D, the Mark II is an upgraded version that was made to be more cost-effective. It is very portable and weighs only 10.8 pounds with the following dimensions: 12.3 inches x 5.9 inches x 10.6 inches. The device also has four exposed valves or tubes that is essential in amplifying the sounds that is being played in this machine.

Combining the best of the old and new technology, the machine also comes with an auxiliary USB input, Bluetooth connectivity and headphone output.

The resulting sound quality is superb thanks to an almost negligible harmonic distortion. Sound quality is sustained even in a song’s low and highs.

Do note that the USB supports only five file formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV and APE. Recording or file should not be higher 16 bit per 48 kHz. Anything higher may result to poor sound quality.

Here is a summary of the notable features of the Nobsound MS-10D MK II Hybrid Tube Amplifier:

  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Old school design casing with wood grain finish on the sides
  • 25-watt output with impedance of 4-16 ohms
  • Produces Hifi sounds

Despite having numerous positive features, the Nobsound MS-10D MK II Hybrid Tube Amplifier also has its downfalls. Among others, the whole device heats up fast. This may be common to most tube amps because the tubes’ temperature rises up fast. But, the heat spreading to the control panel and knobs is a bothering issue.

Another key issue with this product is that some customers found that the unit they bought has some problems with grinding volume knob. This may be caused by tight installation. One solution offered by Nobsound was to remove the plastic knob from its potentiometer before resetting the whole thing.

Here are its pros and cons based on how we tested the genuine product.


  • Affordable price. It’s one of the cheapest amps that can appease the senses of High Fidelity fans.
  • Can be connected with PC thru its USB outlet and other mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Attractive retro look with a metallic façade. The exposed bulb of the amp also adds an old-school look.
  • Easy to use and very portable


  • Hard to maintain or repair because of limited part supplies in the market
  • Limited sound rate of 16 bit / 48KHz for digital format tracks

Note from the manufacturer: Because of its popularity, The Nobsound MS-10D has been reproduced by people who make counterfeits. Fake copies of this product have been circulating in other markets.

Who Should Buy the Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybrid Tube Amplifier?

Whether you are a proud audiophile, a high-fidelity fan, a nostalgic listener or just someone who appreciate good music that is soft and warm to the ears, this is the product that will surely fit your lifestyle.

The Nobsound MS-10D is a great addition to your living room, study room or office room. It speaks a lot about the owner’s sensibility and musical taste that can easily be picked up by your guest. The product not only offers value in terms of audio, but also in its aesthetics.

Moreover, this device is also perfect for people who have just started discovering the beauty of old players as compared to the technologically advanced ones in the market. It’s certainly one of the best ways to appreciate the classical music that has once ruled the airwaves of the past decades.


The Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybrid Tube Amplifier is an affordable means to get a legitimate High Fidelity experience. There are very few inexpensive products in the market that offers such a unique passport to original music.

However, there are just a few key things that one needs to be reminded when buying this product. Again, the product has had many intimidations which give you a risk that you may run into a fake unit. The product also has some parts that are not available in the U.S. Thus, maintaining or repairing it can be quite challenging.

Overall, this equipment is still one of the few products that have captured out interest simply because of its good mixture of the old mechanical tube amplifier and the recent advancements of Bluetooth and PC connectivity.

We recommend this to anyone who yearns for nostalgia without having to rely on turn tables and cassette players.