Monoprice Tube Amp with Bluetooth 25-Watt Stereo Hybrid: Reviewed!

You may think that tube amps are outdated by decades, especially in an age where everything is digital. However, when this old-school mechanical amplifier has been fused with some of the technologies today, like Bluetooth, you have an impending comeback.

Digital music can be lossy at times which makes it lose some of the old day’s deep and warm music. The solution that Monoprice came about was to use tube preamplifiers to bring back those qualities that seem to be lacking in today’s music.

Monoprice is already known for making one of the best 5-watt tube amps (we rank the 611815 as the best tube amp under $300)and this Monoprice tube amp carries on that tradition.

2 thoughts on “Monoprice Tube Amp with Bluetooth 25-Watt Stereo Hybrid: Reviewed!”

  1. Hello Jarsh, nice review – short and concise. What speakers, sources and tracks did you use for your listening tests?


  2. I feel the same as you, and like any hifi guy I rolled the tubes with a set from the Canadian tube store. It’s marginally better (noticeably in the detail). The solid state amp is clean which is a surprise, and it drives my Canton pedestal mount speakers. It truly opens the sound more than any amp I’ve used. The voices and instruments are separated giving you live sound. $200 is a bargain from Monoprice, and highly recommended. My other amps/receivers are Marantz.

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