Pyle PP444 Phono Preamp Review

As a phono preamp, the Pyle PP444 has been designed to offer you high-quality performance and unsurpassed compatibility with any phono cartridge on the market. The phono preamp features one RCA input and one RCA output for easy connection to your phono input or amplifier. It also includes a ground terminal for a common ground. The Pyle PP444 is equipped with an adjustable volume control which allows you to adjust the volume level from -20dB up to +10dB in 1 dB increments, giving you complete flexibility over your listening experience. Whether you’re listening through headphones or speakers, this phono preamp will deliver clear sound with low noise distortion that’s perfect for all types of music genres!

You want to listen to your phono preamp, but the sound is too low?

Pyle PP444 Phono Preamp

The Pyle PP444 phono preamp has been designed with a volume control that allows you to adjust the volume level from -20dB up to +10dB in 1 dB increments. This means you can enjoy listening at any volume without distortion or noise.

– High Sound Quality At Low Noise

The phono preamp has been designed with a signal to noise ratio of 80dB. This means that when you listen to this phono preamp, your listening experience will be free from any distortion or annoying background noises. You’ll enjoy clear sound every time!

– Suitable For Any Audio System

The phono preamp is designed to be compatible with any phono cartridge on the market. It will work well in both your home stereo system and turntable / record player.

– Switch To Mono Audio

If you’re listening using mono speakers, this phono preamp has a switch for easy mono playback. Simply flip the switch on and enjoy listening to phono audio in mono.

– Specifications:

• Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB

• Output Impedance: 50 Ohm

• Frequency Response: 20Hz – 50kHz (+0/-3dB)

• Input Sensitivity/Impedance Line Level (1V): 500mV / 47kOhm

• Output Level/Impedance (1kHz): 2.0V / 1.2kOhm

• Power Requirements: AC 115V, 60Hz

• Dimensions: 1 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches

• Weight: 0.85 lbs

Cons and Pros

Even though this is not expensive preamp, the quality is really great.


– Very good phono preamp for the price

– For a phono preamp this is well built and sturdy. This gives it a solid feel that you don’t necessarily get from all phono preamps.


– no phono equalizer

– the absence of “slope” in the volume control

Some users also note that when you turn on the phono preamp, there is an additional hiss. But it’s possible to solve this problem. It’s enough to remove phono cartridge and connect one more time (this will reset phono preamp’s memory).

All in all, it is phono preamp with good sound quality. I recommend it to everyone who search an inexpensive phono preamp with high performance.

What Pyle pp444 phono preamp review indicates about this phono preamplifier? The phono preamp works on both line level and phono level. As such it is compatible with both phono and line input on amplifiers or receiver. It features an RCA output that provides a phono to line level conversion making this phono preamp very versatile in use, for you can connect it easily to any audio device equipped with phono input, like record player or turntable.


I tried to listen to this phono preamp through my phono input and line input in my class A amplifier. I connected phono level phono cartridge to this phono preamp. The sound is very clear and transparent. It possesses a good micro dynamics, so when listening to music you can easily follow the dynamic changes and hear pretty well all instruments played by the orchestra. The phono preamp allows you to adjust volume level, and this is a very good quality of the phono preamp. You can set the phono preamp at any volume level or completely mute it. This phono preamp does not have any background noise even at low volumes. A phono equalizer would be a nice addition, indeed. But still phono preamp with phono equalizer exists and it is worth five times more expensive than this model.

The Pyle PP444 phono preamp has very good output level which allows you to connect it with any line level device having phono input e.g., amplifier or receiver. One of the advantages of phono preamp is that phono signal passes through phono preamp without any loss. You buy phono preamp not for phono equalizer features, but for phono to line level conversion and vice versa. It’s a very good phono preamps for turntable users.

My opinion on Pyle pp444 phono preamp

A phono preamp has been designed and created for turntable and record players users. I personally use this phono preamp since several years, connected it to Marantz PM 14s2 phono input. Pyle pp444 phono preamplifier became my favorite phono preamp from all phono preamps on the market.

I like it’s design and functionality. I think phono preamp is a must have for every music lover or audiophile who still keep vinyl records as part of his analogue collection. Pyle phono preamplifier is an inexpensive phono preamp that does a good job. It has phono to line level conversion feature that is very important for phono input equipped amplifiers and receivers.


What are phono preamps and phono inputs?

A phono input is a type of input found on audio amplifiers and receivers. The phono connector is typically labeled “phono”. The phono input allows you to connect a turntable or a CD player with RCA phono connectors. A phono preamp converts a phono signal to line level so that it can be plugged into the phono input of an amplifier or receiver.

What’s the difference between line level and phono level?

Line level is usually around 0dBu (1V) while phono levels are in the range of -10dBvu (-100mV). Most home audio amplifiers have both inputs, but they usually have different gain: phono input has very high gain while line input is low-gain. What does that mean? When you plug a phono preamp into phono input, the phono signal will be boosted by phono input amplification. On the other hand, if you connect a phono preamp into line level input, you’ll need phono equalizer to boost the phono level.

How much is Pyle phono preamp?

The Pyle PP444 phono preamplifier retails for around $45 including shipping and handling charges of Amazon. It is not an expensive phono preamp, but a very good quality phono preamp with phono input and phono to line level conversion.

I’ve personally tested phono preamp Pyle PP444 phono equalizer retails for around $45 including shipping and handling charges of Amazon. It is not an expensive phono preamp, but a very good quality phono preamp with phono input and phono to line level conversion.


The Pyle PP444 phono preamp is a fantastic phono preamplifier for vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles. This phono preamp has an affordable price, yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It does the job of converting phono signals to line level so you can connect your turntable or CD player with RCA phono connectors to any amplifier or receiver that supports this type of input signal. You may want to consider whether you need a phono equalizer in addition to this phono preamp if you’re connecting your phonograph directly into the amp’s line-level input rather than using its own built-in phono stage–many amps don’t include one!

Let me know if you liked this article, or if you need phono preamp. I’m always happy to help!

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