Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review

A distortion pedal is a piece of electronics that helps tune the pitch, tone or sound of an electric guitar. With the right distortion pedal, you can achieve effects, intensify guitar sounds, and reproduce the level of music to adhere to the type of genre that you play.

However, looking for the right brand or model of distortion pedal is not as easy as it looks. You would need the right kind of distortion pedal that can add effects to your sound making it interesting but not noisy.

You may have already done your research on some of the best distortion pedals available on the market today but you may still feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry because this article aims to provide to you an honest overview of one of the top-selling distortion pedals today, the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal.

In this article, we will be discussing to you both the advantages and disadvantages of the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal.

Features of the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal

  • RAT 2 boost for solos
  • Tones for rock arena rhythm
  • Shifts from clean to warm overdrive nicely

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With the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal, you can definitely enjoy the RAT 2 boost, which makes this product very versatile. With the use of its primary distortion, you can shift from a clean tone to a warm overdrive nicely. This distortion pedal can hit just the right spot and is greatly beneficial for rock arena rhythms and soaring leads.

We are very much impressed with this pedal because this is perfect for simply boosting the solos, especially if you are already satisfied with your amp’s distortion. If you play bass, this is perfect for you as this gives you the right kind of mean crunch that every bass player looks for.

Leave this at about 10% in order to avoid the bass from distorting the sound unless you want a little more fuzz. Use the filter at about 70%-80% and you can achieve that nice crunch without any muddy sounds at the end.

While this is also true for other guitars, once you mod this guitar pedal, every bass player’s dream comes true. It is a pedal with character. By cutting at least one of the filter resistors off of the circuit, this distortion pedal has more headroom, resulting into a nice even low-end.

The distortion can be used throughout the entire range because it does not blow away the deep tones, giving you ample room to dial it in.

This Pro Co distortion pedal has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers. If you like the 80s kind of sound then this is the perfect pedal for you. When the gain is turned up, the distortion achieved is very crunchy and thick. This would work well with either double or single coil pickups. This distortion pedal is very versatile because it works well on low gain settings and moderate distortion.


This RAT2 distortion pedal from is truly an amazing product, but there are have been some reported setbacks. The first reported by a customer was that there was not much difference with this distortion pedal when compared to an ordinary overdrive pedal.

In our case, it is better that you know your pedals well. Even though there are a lot of similarities between an overdrive pedal and a distortion pedal, there are also some distinct features of a distortion pedal that an overdrive pedal cannot achieve.

Another setback was that this product was a bit big or bulky, which takes up a lot of space on your pedal board. Also, compared to other distortion pedals, the output and input are situated on the top of the unit and not on the sides.



This distortion pedal is truly a great bargain for electric guitarists, whether you’re an old hand or a beginner. It can produce a good quality sound and has a nice, crunchy, 80s style vibe to its sound. Like the Boss DS-1, it allows you to hit the right spot when shifting from a clean tone to a warm overdrive.

While the sound produced is of absolute quality, the structure of the pedal itself is a bit bulky and can take up a lot of space on your pedal board, but this is simply a minor issue. In conclusion, we feel that the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal is an excellent choice for a distortion pedal.

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